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Your body Real, human answers to everyday healthcare questions

From common conditions to the latest treatments, our advice helps to demystify healthcare and supports you to understand your body better View articles
Man in his 60s on pilates ball during physiotherpay session
21st May 2024Your body

Battling heart palpitations: you're not alone

Heart palpitations can feel scary, but they are often nothing to worry about Read more
battling heart palpitations
10th May 2024Your body

The five most common types of allergies

We share expert information about the most common types of allergies to help you combat your symptoms the right way this season. Read more
seasonal allergies man with hayfever blowing nose
18th March 2024Your body

Five reasons why you’ve got constant pins and needles

We explore the most common causes of pins and needles Read more
Person rubbing feet due to constant pins and needles
15th March 2024Your body

Varicose vein treatment options: getting started

Get help for varicose veins Read more
Woman examining leg for varicose veins and considering treatment options
6th March 2024Your body

Calf cramping at night: 5 key causes

Have you ever been jolted awake by a sudden cramp in your calf muscle? Then you're not alone. Many of us experience these nocturnal leg cramps, and wonder, "Why do I get these calf cramps at night?" While it might just seem like a painful fact of life, there's actually a lot going on behind these cramps, and ways that they can be avoided. We explore why you get leg cramps at night, and what you can do about it. Read more
Woman holding calf due to calf cramping at night

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