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Men's health Supporting you in body and mind

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Older man and his grown up son taking a smiling selfie on a walk in the woods
23rd February 2024Men's health

What is gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a common condition where men experience breast tissue enlargement often due to hormonal imbalances. The condition, characterised by breast tenderness and swelling, can be diagnosed through physical exams and medical evaluations. Treatment varies from medications to surgery, with patients often seeking specialist advice for persistent or distressing cases. Read more
Man feeling sad due to potential gynaecomastia
22nd January 2024Men's health

What to expect from your prostate exam

For many, the words "prostate exam" can conjure up feelings of unease and anxiety. It's natural to feel this way, especially when you're not sure what to expect. This article aims to ease your concerns and offer you a comprehensive guide on what a prostate exam entails, why it's crucial for men's health, and how to approach it with confidence Read more
gloved hands holding a PSA test as part of a prostate exam
8th November 2023Men's health

At what age will I start losing my hair?

Although all men will experience hair loss throughout their life, when, why and to what extent can differ considerably. We take a look at male pattern baldness, the causes behind it and the available treatments, as well as new research and discoveries that might mean we're closer to finding a cure for baldness Read more
man checking his hair in the mirror for signs of male pattern baldness
31st October 2023Men's health

What is a vasectomy?

Why do people choose to have a vasectomy? What does it involve and what's the recovery like? We answer the key questions about what it's really like having a vasectomy Read more
scissors cutting the letter v from the word vasectomy
25th October 2023Men's health

What is the best treatment for an enlarged prostate?

We speak to two consultants about the treatment options available for benign prostate enlargement, covering the benefits and risks of HoLEP, UroLift and Rezum, among others Read more
consultant explaining benign prostate enlargement using model of male reproductive system

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