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Cancer care and awareness

Cancer care and awareness Signs, symptoms, risk factors and treatments

Our cancer content aims to increase awareness, explore signs and symptoms, demystify treatments and help you to better understand an illness that touches all of our lives View articles
Older woman being comforted by a smiling cancer nurse
7th November 2023Cancer care and awareness

Prostate Cancer: Signs and Symptoms

Learn about the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer, its prevalence, and why early screening is crucial. Discover when to see a doctor and understand the importance of proactive healthcare Read more
doctor's charts with stethoscope and a blue ribbon symbolising prostate cancer
6th November 2023Cancer care and awareness

Blood cancer symptoms you shouldn't ignore

Consultant Haemato-Oncologist Dr Premini Mahendra from The Priory Hospital discusses the different types of blood cancer and their symptoms Read more
illustration of blood cancer
3rd November 2023Cancer care and awareness

What to eat while you are having chemotherapy

Practical, nutritious food to eat while having chemotherapy, plus the dos and don'ts of a chemotherapy diet, to help you manage your changing appetite while you have treatment Read more
a selection of healthy foods to eat while you are having chemotherapy
31st October 2023Cancer care and awareness

5 vital facts about sunbeds and skin cancer

Most people know there is a link between sunbeds and skin cancer, but how bad are they really? Read more
person using sunbed linked to skin cancer
23rd October 2023Cancer care and awareness

What is upper GI cancer?

We ask an expert the most frequently asked questions about upper GI cancer, covering symptoms, treatments and risk factors Read more
person holding their hands over their stomach which shows an illustration of the intestines

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How do I book an appointment?

If you're concerned about symptoms you're experiencing or require further information on this subject, talk to a GP or see an expert consultant at your local Circle Hospital.