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Bones and joints

Bones and joints Helping you manage joint pain and injuries

From injuries to chronic pain conditions including arthritis, we share advice on hips, knees and much more, from at-home management to orthopaedic surgery View articles
Attractive older woman having a consultation about joint problems
9th November 2023Bones and joints

5 ways you can take control of arthritis

You can't always prevent the onset of arthritis, but making certain lifestyle changes can help keep your joints healthy and more mobile, helping you live life to the full again. We share 5 top tips from experts on how to manage arthritis at home, so you can live life to the full Read more
yoga class to help people take control of arthritis
6th November 2023Bones and joints

Hip pain at night

Hip pain at night may be because of your sleeping position, or there could be an underlying medical cause. We take a look at some of the most common reasons why people experience night-time hip pain and consider home remedies as well as when to seek treatment Read more
person kept awake at night by hip pain
5th November 2023Bones and joints

Preventing sports injuries

What are the most common sports injuries, can they be avoided, and what treatments are available if you suffer an injury while playing sport? Read more
graphics analyising an athlete to help prevent sports injuries
4th November 2023Bones and joints

Your hip replacement recovery timeline

How long does it take to recover from hip replacement surgery? We take you through the journey step by step Read more
patient with his partner as he recovers from hip replacement surgery in hospital
3rd November 2023Bones and joints

Treating back problems: sciatica and brachialgia

We share more information about two back problems with similar causes: sciatica and brachialgia. We explore why they happen, their typical symptoms, and the available treatment options Read more
illustration of back problems such as sciatica or brachialgia

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