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Women's health

Women's health Supporting you in body and mind

Stay on top of your health with our tips and advice for women, including Q&As with our leading specialists View articles
woman in her 30s receiving positive news from a consultant after surgery
31st October 2023Women's health

How to take care of yourself during the menopause

Going through the menopause can affect the way you feel both mentally and physically. Consultant Gynaecologist Ms Sucheta Iyengar from The Chiltern Hospital shares her advice on symptoms, self-care and treatments to help you have a healthy menopause Read more
woman in perimenopause looking happy and healthy
31st October 2023Women's health

5 possible causes of excess facial and body hair

For some women, excessive hair growth on the face and body can have a devastating impact on your self-esteem and confidence Read more
woman showing her underarm hair female body hair
30th October 2023Women's health

Is it endometriosis or something else?

We take a look at the symptoms of endometriosis and other conditions it can be mistaken for with consultant gynaecologist Miss Zoe Woodward from The Chaucer Hospital Read more
woman on sofa in severe pain from undiagnosed endometriosis
29th October 2023Women's health

Binge drinking: How it disrupts your menstrual health

When it comes to alcohol, you might be aware of the negative impact that binge drinking can have on your liver - but what about its effect on your menstrual health? We highlight discuss why quitting the habit could improve your menstrual cycle Read more
empty wine and beer bottles to illustrate binge drinking
29th October 2023Women's health

Vaginismus: painful sex and social stigma

Vaginismus causes the vagina to tighten up when something is placed inside it. We explore the impact of vaginismus on daily life, relationships and how it can be treated Read more
couple in intimate moment looking troubled

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