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Vision and eye health

Vision and eye health Advice on common conditions and looking after your eyes

From cataracts to glaucoma, we share guides to the most common eye conditions and the latest treatments, as well as advice on keeping your eyes in good health View articles
Smiling consultant performing an eye test
7th March 2024Vision and eye health

Symptoms of cataracts

Explore the common early signs of cataracts along with how vision changes as cataracts symptoms progress. Learn when you should have an eye exam and the difference in symptoms between cataract types Read more
woman with symptoms of cataracts
28th February 2024Vision and eye health

Early signs of glaucoma

<a href="~/link.aspx?_id=C72D9690C8B842ACA3A11FFE580C6369&amp;_z=z">Glaucoma</a> is a common cause of blindness, especially in older adults. But in its early stages, glaucoma frequently has no obvious symptoms that might make you want to seek eye care. Gain awareness of subtle vision changes, like blurriness or loss of peripheral vision, so you can help identify glaucoma in time to prevent permanent optic nerve damage and vision loss. Read more
man having an eye testdue to glaucoma symptoms
7th February 2024Vision and eye health

The pros and cons of laser eye surgery

Considering laser eye surgery? Explore the pros and cons, side effects, and healing process. Learn about vision correction options to make an informed decision Read more
graphic showing how eyes are treated during laser eye surgery
16th January 2024Vision and eye health

What causes a droopy eyelid?

Droopy eyelids commonly occur as we age, but eyelid drooping can be caused by a problem with your eyelid muscles Read more
woman looking at her droopy eyelid
12th January 2024Vision and eye health

What is macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is a common age-related eye disease that causes loss of central vision. This eye condition can make it difficult for people to see faces Read more
Elderly man in an eye examination for macular degeneration with an ophthalmologist

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