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Vision and eye health

Vision and eye health Advice on common conditions and looking after your eyes

From cataracts to glaucoma, we share guides to the most common eye conditions and the latest treatments, as well as advice on keeping your eyes in good health View articles
Smiling consultant performing an eye test
5th November 2023Vision and eye health

A focus on cataracts

A cataract is common, easily diagnosed, and highly treatable. And its success rate makes cataract treatment the UK's most common surgical procedure Read more
close up of an eye illustrating cataracts
30th October 2023Vision and eye health

The importance of having regular eye checks

Attending regular eye checks can prevent the development of progressive eye conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma. Mr Shahriar Nabili, consultant ophthalmic surgeon for Eye Care Scotland at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead, explains Read more
glassess and a chart of letters representing an eye check or eye test
28th October 2023Vision and eye health

Recovering from cataract surgery: what you need to know

Cataracts affect 95 million people across the world. After cataract surgery, it's important to be aware of what to do - and not do - during your recovery Read more
surgeon using tools to complete a jigsaw puzzle of a healthy blue eye
25th October 2023Vision and eye health

Eyelid Surgery: Your questions answered

We answer common questions on eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. Covering possible reasons for having the procedure, what's involved, risks and alternative options Read more
woman's eye area after eyelid surgery
24th October 2023Vision and eye health

Cataracts Q&A

Two of our leading specialists answer common questions on cataracts, discussing signs and symptoms, the importance of early diagnosis, and the available treatments including different types of surgery Read more
close up of an eye illustrating cataracts

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