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About Circle Health Group

Circle Health Group is the leading independent provider of hospital services in the UK. More than 6,500 specialists practice across our hospitals, which handle more than 2 million patient visits per year.

Circle Health Group offers the UK's largest national network of private hospitals. It also offers innovative neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation services and pathway management services, and runs clinics in China.

Founded in 2004, Circle has always invested in the patient experience, combining clinical excellence with peaceful surroundings where patients are treated as individuals. The group has grown through building new, high-spec hospitals, the acquisitions of Nations Healthcare and BMI Healthcare, and joint ventures. In 2021, Circle was named Private Hospital Group of the Year and one of the Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work For.

Circle's purpose is to provide the high quality, safe and compassionate care our patients need and expect.

  • We believe that patients come first.
  • We believe in our people.
  • We believe that “good enough” never is.
  • We believe in being open-minded and innovative.
  • We value people who are agile and brave.
  • We value people who are tenacious and creative.

The Circle Operating System (COS) is at the heart of what makes Circle Health Group unique. It describes the methodology and tools to set up and run healthcare facilities in ‘The Circle Way’. COS aims to empower all our people to deliver patient-centric care in a sustainable environment, providing them with the tools to create and sustain a culture of effective decision-making and peak performance.

People who work at Circle Health Group are empowered to make the best decisions for patients. This means that our approach to leadership and decision making is devolved and inclusive to ensure that everyone takes ownership and accountability. Our approach to enable this is as follows:

  • Power is devolved. All staff are empowered to make the best decisions around their services.
  • Clinicians and managers are “joined at the hip”. Our leadership focus is on driving and supporting the front-line delivery.
  • Our people are aligned to a common purpose and aim, with a clear understanding of how they contribute to achieve this.
  • A culture in which everyone feels they can make a difference, knows their contribution is valued, understands their responsibilities and takes pride in the outcomes they achieve.

You can read more about the Circle Operating System (PDF).

Circle serves patients at more independent hospitals than anyone else in the UK. We have:

  • Over 50 hospitals throughout the UK.
  • Over 500 different treatments across more than 60 specialities, with centres of excellence in spinal, orthopaedic, neuro, cardiac and cancer care;
  • 6,500+ specialists;
  • 1,700,000 outpatient visits per year;
  • 296,000 inpatient visits per year;
  • Over 95% of our patients said their expectations were met or exceeded during their stay with us;
  • 98% of patients said they are very likely or likely to recommend hospital to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment;
  • 97% of patients said the quality of their care was very good, or excellent.

Data from our patient satisfaction survey 2020.