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Ear, nose and throat surgery (ENT)

Ear, nose and throat surgery (ENT) covers procedures carried out by ENT surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, or head and neck specialists.

doctor looking into patients ear using a medical ear microscope

There are several reasons you may be recommended ENT surgery by your Consultant. These include, but are not limited to:   

  • Recurring infections such as tonsillitis;  
  • Thyrotoxicosis;  
  • Damage to the ears, nose or throat;  
  • Deviated septum.   

Your ENT surgery will be carried out by our multidisciplinary team, comprising dedicated Consultants, nurses and more.  

Whether you are experiencing issues with your ears, nose, throat or a combination, our team will strive to reduce your symptoms through effective treatment.  


Your tonsils are part of a group of lymphoid tissues (like the glands in your neck) that help to fight off infection from germs that you either breathe in or swallow. When they get infected, tonsillitis occurs.

If tonsillitis keeps coming back, then surgery to remove your tonsils is recommended, as it is the only dependable way to stop recurring infections. 

The operation to remove your tonsils is called a tonsillectomy. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes around 30 minutes. 


Your thyroid gland is a structure in your neck that produces a hormone called thyroxine, which regulates your body's metabolism. If you have an overactive thyroid gland, it produces too many hormones, causing a conditioned named thyrotoxicosis.  

A thyroidectomy to remove the gland is one of the ways thyrotoxicosis can be treated. Your ENT surgeon will remove your thyroid gland, and your body will stop producing thyroid hormones. This should treat any distressing symptoms.  

Deviated septum surgery (Septoplasty) 

The septum is the cartilage and bone inside your nose that separates your nostrils. If it is bent, it can feel like your nose is blocked, causing discomfort and difficulty sleeping. Septoplasty, or deviated septum surgery,  is surgery to straighten your septum, and takes around 45 minutes.

This should alleviate your symptoms and make your nose feel less blocked.   


If you’re having a serious infection or have perforated your eardrum, your doctor may suggest myringoplasty. A myringoplasty is an operation to repair the hole in your eardrum using a tissue graft to cover the damage.  

This type of surgery should help lower your risk of repeated ear infections, and your sense of hearing may improve too. It usually takes between an hour and 90 minutes.  

Septorhinoplasty (nose job) 

A septorhinoplasty (also known as a “nose job”) is an operation to change how your nose looks (rhinoplasty) and to improve how you breathe through your nose (septoplasty).

Most people who have a successful septorhinoplasty are more comfortable with their appearance. The operation is almost always performed under a general anaesthetic, and it usually takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.   

Laryngoscopy and pharyngoscopy  

A laryngoscopy is a quick procedure to look at your voice box (larynx) using a rigid telescope. If your doctor is concerned that you may have a problem in your larynx, this is a good way of find out. This type of procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes around 30 minutes.  

If your surgeon does find a problem, they can perform biopsies (removing small pieces of tissue) to help make the diagnosis, and sometimes minor treatments can be performed at the same time.   

Booking your ENT treatment with us differs depending on your condition and recommended treatment option.  

 To get started, you can book a consultation online with one of our many experienced ENT Consultants. This is a simple and fast process. You can also book your consultation by calling +44 1413 005 009.

To familiarise yourself with the many treatment options for foot issues that we offer, you can read our informative, in-depth treatment pages. This could help you to decide which treatment option might suit you best.  

At your consultation, you will likely receive important diagnostic testing and discuss the right treatment option for you with your Consultant.

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