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At The Winterbourne Hospital we offer a private physiotherapy service for patients based in Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport and the surrounding areas.

At the Winterbourne hospital in Dorchester, our excellent team of physiotherapists can help with a range of issues that may require physiotherapy. Some of the physiotherapy services we offer at the Winterbourne hospital include:

Respiratory physiotherapy - Respiratory physiotherapy relates to the assessment and treatment of people with disorders of the respiratory system, including long COVID. Physiotherapy treatment is focused on maximising physical function and helping you manage symptoms. 

Acupuncture - Several members of the team are highly experienced in the use of acupuncture for the management of many musculoskeletal conditions. This is generally used in conjunction with other forms of physiotherapy to help manage pain.

Bracing - We offer a brace fitting service where we will help you to select and fit a bespoke brace that best caters to your needs. These can range from unloader braces for knee osteoarthritis through to stability braces to reduce pain and enable rehab following injury.

Gait analysis - Gait analysis is the assessment of the lower limb biomechanics, e.g. how you stand, walk or run, to help identify problems in your legs, hips or even your back. It can help guide treatment of a pre-existing problem or help prevent painful conditions developing or recurring.

Shockwave therapy - Shockwave therapy is a treatment mainly used for the management of tendon injuries. It can be used for many conditions in both the more acute and chronic stages such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, gluteal tendinopathy and patella tendinopathy. Shockwave therapy works best alongside an exercise programme that will be specifically designed by your Physiotherapist.

Pilates - Pilates aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing. Pilates can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Musculoskeletal and sports injuries physiotherapy - We can diagnose and treat muscle, joint and nerve problems caused by playing sport or exercising. This includes muscle imbalances, joint pains, soft tissue strains and sprains as well as post-fracture rehabilitation. The aim is to get you back to your sport or activity as soon as possible.

The Private Spinal Assessment Service is run by our clinical specialist physiotherapist Selina Saunders, who has a wealth of knowledge in the diagnosis and management of many spinal conditions.

The service is overseen by spinal surgeon Mr Andrew Hilton. This is a rapid assessment service to thoroughly assess your symptoms, which may include diagnostic imaging and onward referral.

This is suitable for all spinal conditions including low back and leg, neck and arm, and mid-back pain.

The Musculoskeletal Assessment Service offers rapid access to a specialist physiotherapist for assessment of any injury or ongoing musculoskeletal problem related to the hip, knee or shoulder.  

We will advise on the management of your condition and if indicated organise discounted diagnostic imaging where necessary. 

Any imaging will be reviewed and discussed with one of our Orthopaedic Consultants as part of the package of care. 

As experts in assessing lower limb biomechanics, our physiotherapists can develop individual exercise regimes to help manage any biomechanical issues you may have.

Alongside this, we now have the Gait & Motion Foot Scan technology.

The Foot Scan allows for accurate 2D and 3D analysis of static, balance and dynamic measurements, with the highest recording speed available today.

This allows the clinician to see greater detail and conduct a more reliable gait and postural analysis.

We are also now able to supply 'Phits' 3D printed insoles.

The team are experts in managing all post-operative care and have close working relationships with our Orthopaedic Consultants in order to provide the best possible rehabilitation and individualised physiotherapy care plan.

We also have access to a wide variety of other treatments to optimise your rehabilitation experience such as the antigravity treadmill, hydrotherapy and much more.

Maxwell Raymond-Scott is an active and adventurous scientific researcher originally from Macclesfield in Cheshire. In 2016, Maxwell ventured to the Antarctic in the South Pole to work on a scientific research base. While there, he suffered an injury to his hands and feet, brought on by the extreme coldness of the Antarctic. This injury resulted in nerve damage, severely limiting his balance and mobility.

After visiting many specialists in search of help, Maxwell met Mr Nicholas Savva, a consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon specialising in lower limb, foot, and surgery at The Winterbourne Hospital in Dorchester. 

It was here he was introduced to our gait analysis technology and Phits orthotics (insoles), available at the hospital’s private physiotherapy clinic. Maxwell describes his experience with us as: “efficient and excellent.”

He was extremely impressed by the knowledge and care provided by his physiotherapist Katie, who helped examine his mobility and a build a tailored exercise programme for Maxwell to perform in sessions and at home. 

“Katie examined my feet comprehensively to understand the kind of exercises I required. Her knowledge is exceptional. She understood the features of my injury straight away.

“She went over and above in her care, and even recommended other services which could be of use to me.”

Maxwell admits he wouldn’t go anywhere without his insoles now. They have significantly improved his wellbeing, offering the support and stability he needs to feel confident and happy in himself again.

To find out more about Maxwell's positive experience at The Winterbourne Hospital, read his full story here.

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