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Gait analysis footscan and Phits 3D printed insoles

Gait analysis is a biomechanical examination where our physiotherapists determine how efficiently your body moves when walking or running. Book online today

Gait analysis footscan and Phits 3D printed insoles
Gait analysis is a biomechanical examination where our physiotherapists determine how efficiently your body moves when walking or running. Asymmetries or abnormalities in our foot strike and loading pattern can cause joint, muscle, ligament or tendon soreness further up the body in the ankle, knee, hip and back.

The assessment allows our physiotherapists to identify these issues and tailor your treatment plan to get you walking, running or competing pain free, whilst offering the best advice to reduce the risk of future injuries.     

Gait analysis can be useful for those who:

  • Experience pain when walking or running
  • Suffer from sore feet when standing all day
  • Have foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain
  • Suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia
  • Have flat feet, bunions, neuromas or hammer toes
  • Have balance issues or bad posture
  • Are physically active and play sport

At Circle Health, we perform our gait analysis using the latest Footscan® technology. This system has over 4,000 high speed sensors which accurately capture and analyse your movement, providing detailed plantar pressure information which simply cannot be seen with a treadmill or the human eye. This information can be slowed down to help identify even the smallest asymmetries or abnormalities in your movement, which may be the cause of lower limb pain or discomfort.

An assessment begins with a static scan to look at your posture and weight distribution when standing. If necessary, the system also allows our physiotherapists to monitor your balance and movement efficiency during specific tasks such as squatting and jumping. We then complete a dynamic gait analysis to assess how you walk across the system. For active individuals and runners, we can also provide a running assessment. Footscan® provides a range of visual analysis screens that your physiotherapist will then discuss with you.

  • Diagnose foot, ankle, knee or hip related issues
  • Provide evidence based treatment and rehabilitation programmes that are tailored to you
  • Identify your risk of injury based on your natural movement
  • Design Phits 3D-printed insoles (orthotics) specific to your needs
  • Recommend the most appropriate type of footwear

Whether you are aiming for an Olympic podium or just want to complete your daily activities, it’s important to perform in the most optimal conditions with every step you take. Following our Footscan® analysis, Phits insoles are designed from your real time dynamic data to restore biomechanical imbalances in your lower limbs and provide tailored support and cushioning where you need it most. They help to improve comfort, efficiency and performance by optimising your foot mechanics, whilst minimising pain and the risk of injury. Accurately translating your movement in to a bespoke insole is a totally unique process and only made possible using our advanced 3D-printing capabilities. We even have sport specific designs for running, football, golf, cycling and skiing. 

  • Cutting edge technology - we are equipped with the leading Footscan® technology as used by world champion athletes
  • Phits 3D-printed insoles - we offer the world’s first 3D-printed insoles which are specifically designed from your gait analysis, unique to you based on your dynamic data
  • Choice of locations - many of our physiotherapy departments offer gait analysis, meaning patients have access throughout our UK network of over 50 hospitals
  • Individualised care - your physiotherapist will work with you to provide a thorough assessment, analysis and treatment plan based on the results of your scan
  • Fast access - you don't need a GP referral to access gait analysis services at Circle Health. We offer appointments, usually within 48 hours. If you have private medical insurance, check with your insurer before booking your appointment

An initial assessment with a physiotherapist starts from £54*.

Phits 3D Printed Insoles are priced at £300 for standard insoles and £350 for sports specific insoles.

To find out more about gait analysis and Phits insoles at Circle Health, call 0800 404 6660 or make an online enquiry.

*This is a starting from price and varies by hospital

A Gait Analysis scan is something that will be recommended by your Consultant, at which point our team will arrange an appointment for you. 
If you think you may need a Gait Analysis scan and you aren’t speaking to one of our Consultants yet, book an initial consultation using our online booking portal. If you need a Gait Analysis scan, they will arrange it for you. 

Maxwell Raymond-Scott is an active and adventurous scientific researcher originally from Macclesfield in Cheshire. In 2016, Maxwell ventured to the Antarctic in the South Pole to work on a scientific research base. While there, he suffered an injury to his hands and feet, brought on by the extreme coldness of the Antarctic. This injury resulted in nerve damage, severely limiting his balance and mobility.

After visiting many specialists in search of help, Maxwell met Mr Nicholas Savva, a consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon specialising in lower limb, foot, and surgery at The Winterbourne Hospital in Dorchester. 

It was here he was introduced to our gait analysis technology and Phits orthotics (insoles), available at the hospital’s private physiotherapy clinic. Maxwell describes his experience with us as: “efficient and excellent.”
He was extremely impressed by the knowledge and care provided by his physiotherapist Katie, who helped examine his mobility and a build a tailored exercise programme for Maxwell to perform in sessions and at home. 

“Katie examined my feet comprehensively to understand the kind of exercises I required. Her knowledge is exceptional. She understood the features of my injury straight away.

“She went over and above in her care, and even recommended other services which could be of use to me.”

Maxwell admits he wouldn’t go anywhere without his insoles now. They have significantly improved his wellbeing, offering the support and stability he needs to feel confident and happy in himself again.

To find out more about Maxwell's positive experience at The Winterbourne Hospital, read his full story here.

Gait analysis - Stephen Scullion

We welcomed Northern Ireland Half Marathon and Marathon Record Holder Stephen Scullion to one of our specialist Gait and Motion Clinics at Hendon Hospital for his Footscan analysis, functional movement screening and Phits 3D Printed Orthotics!

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