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Bracing treatment

You may benefit from bracing if you have been suffering with painful joints, stability issues or ongoing pain.


What is bracing?

There are a range of braces available for all areas of the body. Braces are used for a variety of different reasons, which is why our staff are specially trained to advise and fit braces specifically for your condition.

You may benefit from bracing if you have been suffering with painful joints, stability issues or ongoing pain. Braces can also help with rehabilitation and returning to sport.

How much does bracing cost?

Pricing starts from £54 for an initial physiotherapy assessment*. Braces are priced separately, which will be discussed with you once your physiotherapist has assessed your specific needs. Prices for bracing can vary between hospitals based on location.

You can self-refer to physiotherapy without a GP referral. If you have private medical insurance, check with your insurer before booking your appointment.

What are the benefits of bracing?

We offer a variety of braces to help patients who are suffering with ligament sprain, tendon injuries, osteoarthritis and arthritic knees, or need post-operative support, for example, following ligament surgery.

Braces are mainly used in the four stages of rehabilitation:

  • Protection – to help reduce your pain and inflammation following surgery or an injury
  • Mobilisation – to allow for controlled movements in the early stages of rehabilitation whilst protecting the injured or operated areas
  • Restore – to help whilst you gradually start returning to your normal activity levels, but where you need some assistance until your strength has returned
  • Return to activities or sport – to assist and support the previously injured area, or to offload an arthritic area which otherwise causes pain and stops you enjoying your hobbies and activities

What come to Circle Health for bracing?

  • Fast access to private treatment without a GP referral - usually within 48 hours
  • A wide choice of sites throughout the UK - all Circle Health hospitals offer bracing options for a variety of patient needs
  • Wide range of solutions - we offer complete orthopaedic bracing solutions, from performance and mobility, to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists can assess and advise you on the best bracing option for you during your initial assessment.

*This is a starting from price and varies by hospital

Specialists offering Bracing treatment

Mr Sherif El-Tawil

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


The Clementine Churchill Hospital

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