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Neuro ophthalmology services

Neuro-ophthalmogy is the investigation and management of problems that affects both the eyes and the brain. Book your appointment online today

Female ophthalmologist measuring the eye pressure with modern tonometer to a senior patient
Neuro-Ophthalmology is a specialist branch of ophthalmology which investigates and manages visual disorders caused by disease of the nervous system.

The eyes are the first link in the visual pathway and are the receptors of sight. This receptor converts light energy to electrical energy in neuronal impulses. These impulses are routed through the optic nerves, to the optic chiasm (crossing over area) and then via the optic tracts to the occipital cortex which has many connections to multiple areas of the brain.

Vision has many influencing manipulators such as memory, emotion and movement.

If you have an eye problem an Ophthalmologist can look at the structures of the eye to identify any abnormalities. However, if the problem is behind your eye in the visual pathway or in areas of the brain that influences your vision it is harder to identify the issue, and this is where a neuro-ophthalmologist can help.

At Eye Care Scotland our neuro-ophthalmologist can review patients affected by:

  • double vision
  • sudden loss of part of the visual field
  • unequal pupils
  • sudden out of focus vision
  • strokes
  • brain tumours

To find out more or to book an appointment please call us on 0808 296 4502