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Corneal services

The cornea describes the clear, protective outer layer of your eye. It serves an important function as a barrier against dirt, germs and other particles that can harm your eye's delicate components. We have a variety of corneal services to help treat conditions that affect your cornea. You can access these quickly and without hassle.

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The cornea protects your eye's components from dirt. It also plays a vital role in the function of your vision. If your cornea becomes damaged through disease, infection, or injury, the resulting scars can interfere with your vision by blocking or distorting light as it enters your eye.

The term "corneal disease" refers to a variety of conditions that affect mainly the cornea. These include infections, degenerations and many other disorders, some of which can be heredity.

At Eye Care Scotland, our specialist Consultant Eye Surgeons are fellowship trained in corneal surgery and have extensive experience in treating a wide variety of corneal conditions.

We offer the following comprehensive range of treatment for conditions of the cornea:

Collagen Cross Linking: Corneal cross-linking is the only treatment that can stop progressive keratoconus from getting worse. Your Consultant will use eyedrop medication and ultraviolet light from a special machine to make the tissues in your cornea stronger. 

Corneal Transplant Surgery: A corneal transplant is an operation to remove all or part of a damaged cornea and replace it with healthy donor tissue. This surgery can also be referred to as corneal graft surgery.

PTK (Phototherapeutic Keratectomy): This is a type of eye surgery that uses a laser to treat various eye disorders. It can also treat recurrent corneal erosions. PKT is not performed to eliminate the need for glasses or improve your vision. It is performed to treat surface-level corneal disease.  

Excimer laser eye surgery: Excimer laser surgery (photo refractive keratectomy or PRK) involves using a laser to reshape your cornea. The surgery is carried out by a Consultant Ophthalmologist and is designed to treat imperfect vision induced by corneal issues.

Dry Eye clinic: Our Dry Eye Clinic can provide support and treatment for persistent symptoms of dry eye.

Pterygium Surgery: Pterygium surgery is a procedure performed to remove noncancerous conjunctiva growths (pterygia) from the eye.

We are committed to delivering excellent care and customer service to all our patients.

You can arrange a private eyecare appointment with a leading Ophthalmologist to discuss the above treatment options – quickly and without hassle.

They will assess your condition and advise which corneal treatment option would work for you.

To arrange your appointment, call us directly on 0141 300 5009 or book an appointment online.

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