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Floaterectomy and vitrectomy treatment

Flashes of light or black floaters that look like spiders or tadpoles are commonly seen in people with healthy eyes. If they occur because of changes in your vitreous jelly, you might require treatment. We explain more about the available treatment options for this condition.

Flashes of light or black floaters that resemble spiders or tadpoles are quite commonly seen by people with healthy eyes.

They occur because of changes in your vitreous jelly (known as vitreous body) which lies directly in front of your retina.

Any changes in your vitreous jelly can give rise to the appearance of floaters, but this does not usually lead to any problems.

The sudden appearance of new floaters is different and may be caused by your vitreous jelly shrinking. This can sometimes also indicate that you have a tear in your retina.

There are several treatment options for the occurrence of flashes and floaters, including:

Floaterectomy: this is a keyhole procedure to remove the vitreous from your eye, eliminating flashes and floaters in turn.

If the floaters are a result of a retinal detachment, then your consultant may choose from a series of other treatment options, including:

Virectomy: this involves removing and replacing the jelly inside your eye (known as your viterous).

Pneumatic retinopexy:
this involves injecting a bubble of gas into your eye to push the detached component of your retina against the back of your eye, holding it in place.

Laser retinopexy: this technique uses a laser to create small burns around your retinal tear. This causes scarring, which acts like a barrier and attaches your retina to your eye.

Speak with your Consultant about which treatment option will work best for you.

We offer all of the treatment options listed above. You can arrange a private eyecare appointment with a leading Ophthalmologist to discuss them – it's a quick and simple process.

To arrange your appointment, call us directly on 0808 274 3068 or book an appointment online.

Floaterectomy Surgery

We are proud to offer patients Floaterectomy surgery - a quick, minimally invasive and more permanent solution for the treatment of floaters. Mr Gerard McGowan is the Consultant Ophthalmologist at Eye Care Scotland, located at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead, who performs Floaterectomy surgery.

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