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Mako® robotic-arm assisted hip surgery at Albyn Hospital

If you opt for hip surgery using Mako at Albyn Hospital, we could give you a more natural-feeling hip

The Mako® robotic arm is used for total hip replacements. It allows our surgeons to be more precise and personalised in their planning.1

This approach could give you improved function and a more natural feeling in your new joint.2

Ask your Circle Health Group consultant about hip replacement surgery using the Mako® surgical system.

I just wanted to carry on doing what I was doing. Now I'm able to do it better than I did before. I've got better mobilisation, I'm in less pain and I'm sleeping better. I'm just going onwards and upwards.

Nicola Crozier Patient of Mr Robert Duthie

The use of Mako® robotic assisted surgery will revolutionise how we undertake hip and knee replacements with significant improvements in patient outcomes.

"The Mako® robot assisted arm allows surgeons to more accurately implant the components when performing hip and knee replacements. This has the potential to allow for a quicker recovery and improved function, and may also lead to better long term results."

An advancement in hip replacement surgery

The Mako® system is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform total hip replacements.

The technology comprises a surgical planning and navigation system combined with a robotic arm that is guided by our skilled surgeons.

Surgeons use Mako® software to create a bespoke plan based on your individual anatomy.

During the procedure, this detailed plan is used to ensure accurate removal of damaged bone and cartilage as well as precise positioning of the implant.

This improved accuracy can mean a shorter stay in hospital,3 improved feel and function,2 and less chance of problems in the future.4

Advanced control, increased precision

Hip replacement surgery involves removing a damaged hip joint and replacing it with an implant.

The Mako® system aids our surgeons during the planning process as well as the procedure itself, allowing for more precise hip replacement operations.

The robotic technology works in tandem with our surgeons and is designed to increase the precision of the procedure to improve outcomes for you.1

1. Personalised surgical plan

A CT scan will be taken of your hip prior to surgery, which the Mako® system will change into a 3D virtual model of your joint.

The surgeon uses this to design a highly personalised surgery plan.

2. Continued assessment

Mako® provides your surgeon with real-time data throughout the procedure so that they can constantly assess your hip and adjust the plan if needed.

3. Accurate bone removal

The surgeon guides the robotic arm to remove damaged bone and cartilage during the surgery.

The Mako® technology creates a virtual boundary to protect healthy bone and cartilage by constantly referencing the surgical plan.

4. Precise implant placement

The implant is then placed into the hip and carefully guided to the best location.

Measured advantages

There are various benefits to robotic-arm assisted hip replacements. These include:

Greater accuracy and precision

Studies show that Mako® can help the surgeon place your implant more precisely.

Precision in implantation is a significant factor in the success of a hip replacement.1

A shorter hospital stay

This method could see you back in your own home faster than with conventional surgery.3

Less chance of damage to surrounding soft tissue and ligaments

Mako® gives your surgeon greater control over the procedure and establishes boundaries to protect the healthy parts of your hip.5

Better feel and function

Studies found that robotic-arm assisted hip replacement surgery leads to better functional outcomes. Patients have reported higher satisfaction and more natural-feeling hips.2

Reduced risk of complications

Using Mako® could reduce your risk of post-surgical complications including dislocation and misalignment.4


Meet the team

Our experienced orthopaedic consultants offer robotic-arm assisted hip surgery.

Mako® allows us to perform joint replacements with more accuracy than with conventional techniques. This should reduce complication rates, and I believe it will help to improve the lifespan of the joint replacement. Patients undergoing Mako®-assisted joint replacements have reported less pain and better early function post-operatively.

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