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Joint replacement centre in Bath

At Bath Clinic we have a Private Joint Replacement Centre for patients that live across the South West region including Bath, Frome, Radstock, Bristol and West Wiltshire Towns Trowbridge, Melksham, Bradford-on-Avon, Chippenham, Corsham and Warminster.

At Bath Clinic, we offer private joint replacement surgery for our patients.  This is supported by our pioneering Mako®robotic-arm system that is changing the way joint replacements are performed. 

If pain or stiffness in your joint is holding you back from doing the things you love, it might be time to consider a joint replacement.

It’s common for our joints to become worn down over time and many of us will develop conditions such as arthritis as we get older. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean you can't do anything about it.

Private Joint Replacement at Bath Clinic

We believe no one should have to suffer unnecessarily from joint pain or stiffness. Our consultant surgeons can help you get to the bottom of your symptoms, offering fast diagnosis and quick access to a tailored treatment plan. We’ll help you decide whether a replacement is right for you.*

Our multidisciplinary team includes nurses, imaging diagnostics, pain management specialists and chartered physiotherapists as well as consultant surgeons. They’ll work together to offer you a complete care package from diagnosis to recovery.

We’ll also assign you a dedicated Patient Liaison Officer to guide you through your journey.

At Bath Clinic, our goal is to ensure that we'll support you every step of the way from consultation to recovery in just 6 weeks**

**subject to routine test results and consultant's assessment. 

Our consultant surgeons work closely with Bath Clinic's pain management consultants, as well as our physiotherapists and the radiology team.

Together we’ll ensure that a fast and accurate diagnosis is followed by the appropriate treatment.

Private Surgery for Hips and Knees in Bath

Our consultants and physiotherapists will consider and offer all alternative treatment options before recommending hip and knee surgery. We offer non-surgical treatments including physiotherapy, image-guided injections and friendly, practical advice on lifestyle changes. If you're dealing with chronic pain, however, you and your consultant may decide that hip or knee replacement surgery is the solution.

For hip surgery, procedures offered include hip replacement and revision hip replacement.

For knee surgery, procedures offered include total and partial knee replacement and revision knee replacement.

Outside of the Joint Replacement Centre, some of our consultants will also offer a range of other surgical procedures, such as knee arthroscopy or ACL reconstruction.

Private Surgery for Shoulders in Bath

Common causes of shoulder pain include injury, overuse and osteoarthritis. These conditions can cause stiffness, swelling and reduced flexibility in the shoulder joint. After investigation and diagnosis, your specialist will work with you to decide on the best course of treatment to improve your range of motion and reduce your joint pain.  Mild cases will first be recommended lifestyle changes, however there are also a variety of non-surgical treatments that can significantly improve your symptoms. If your condition is more advanced, or if you have an injury that needs to be fixed, you may be recommended for shoulder surgery.

Reasons for shoulder pain can include:

  • Sport injuries in the young – investigation and repair of soft tissue damage (tendons/joint structures)
  • Overuse or wear and tear in the middle age population – impingement/inflammation around the shoulder and frozen shoulders.
  • Pain and stiffness threatening independence in the elderly – likely osteoarthritis 


Solutions on offer include:

  • Shoulder Arthroplasty using computer navigation implantation for complex cases
  • Arthroscopic therapeutic procedures (sub-acromial decompression, ACJ excision, capsular release)
  • Arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction: rotator cuff tendon repair, shoulder stabilization and fracture treatment, upper limb sports injuries
  • Shoulder stabilization (arthroscopic and open) 
  • Anatomic and Reverse Polarity Total Shoulder replacements

Why come to Bath Clinic for joint replacement surgery?

If you choose Bath Clinic for your treatment, you can expect:

  • Quick access to an appointment with a consultant of your choice, usually within 48 hours
  • Fast, accurate diagnosis
  • Expert and personalised advice on the best course of treatment for your individual needs
  • A dedicated Patient Liaison Officer to guide you through your journey with us
  • A first-class approach to care provision from an experienced multidisciplinary team
  • On-site access to a full range of diagnostic imaging facilities and chartered physiotherapists

How much does private joint replacement surgery cost?

A fixed price is available upon enquiry and will vary depending on your individual needs and your consultant's assessment.

Initial consultation prices start fromapx £60 with a physiotherapist and from £200 with a consultant surgeon.

*Available to over 18s only

Payment Options

Accessing private healthcare is easy, whether you choose to pay directly or use private medical insurance.

If you are paying for yourself, we can usually offer fixed price package which you can then choose to pay in full or access one of our easy payment options.

If you have insurance, we can arrange direct settlement with your insurance provider, although you should check in advance to see if your treatment is covered. For more information, visit our private medical insurance page.

Joint replacement centre

At The Bath Clinic, we believe no one should have to suffer unnecessarily from joint pain or stiffness.

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