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GP services in Great Missenden

We provide private GP services at The Chiltern Hospital in Great Missenden

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At The Chiltern Hospital, we provide private face-to-face GP services to people from South Buckinghamshire and nearby areas.

Our services allow for convenience and flexibility, with appointment times to suit your needs with a GP of your choice. Your private GP will take the time to understand your circumstances and refer you for treatment tailored to your needs with the right healthcare professional for you. Your appointment will typically last 30 minutes, helping your GP get to know you and what you need. Follow-up appointments are typically 20 minutes.

Our GP services provide quick referrals for sophisticated diagnostics to help you access the right treatment for you. Test results are usually available within 48 hours. Our services allow an easy transition into all healthcare services provided by our hospital, as well as specialist care and the latest technology to offer additional reassurance if you are managing a long-term illness or anxiety.

  • Initial 30 minute appointment: £125
  • Follow-up 20 minute appointment: £75 per appointment

We do not offer paediatric GP services and therefore we cannot accept any appointments for those under 18 years of age.

Your private GP will take a proactive and complete approach to your health, providing you with quality, ongoing medical care. They will offer personal, confidential advice to keep your well-being on track, considering your emotional and physical needs at every stage of your journey with us.

The Chiltern Hospital’s private GP service is offered within a modern, fully equipped hospital, allowing fast access to specialised diagnostics like blood tests, X-rays and scans.

The hospital is located in South Buckinghamshire within 18 acres of private grounds, including a nine-hole golf course. It has two wards comprising 66 beds, three operating theatres, minor ops room, a JAG accredited endoscopy suite, cancer care unit, and large physiotherapy unit with a hydrotherapy pool for post-surgery recovery.

The Chiltern hospital has a state-of-the art imaging department with a new CT scanner.

There are many reasons why you and your family might seek out the services of a private GP. We offer great quality of care and in-depth consultations, and you will be able to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. Common reasons people come to our private GPs include:

  • Consultation and treatment of minor illnesses and conditions
  • Ongoing medical care and management of chronic illnesses
  • Health screening
  • Men's health
  • Women's health
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Menopause
  • Allergies
  • Skin complaints
  • Family planning
  • STD testing and sexual health
  • Stopping smoking advice and prescriptions
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Medication review
  • Back pain assessment
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure checks

When you choose to go private for your GP appointment with us, you'll benefit from:

Flexible appointment times

You can book your appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Access to diagnostic tests

You will have access to a range of diagnostic tests, with results typically returned within 48 hours. The range of tests available include blood tests, X-rays, CT, and MRI scans.

A second opinion

If you are living with a health problem or have symptoms you are unsure about, it can be reassuring to get a second opinion. Our private GPs are highly experienced in general medicine and have the time (as well as access to hospital facilities) to make a thorough diagnosis.

Immediate referrals

Your private GP will be able to refer you to a course of treatment as soon as possible. This can be crucial when serious conditions are found.

Below are some commonly asked questions about our services.

Can I choose whether I'm seen by a male or female doctor?

You can choose from any of our GPs, male or female.

Can I see the same GP I saw last time?

If you're booking directly with our enquiry centre via telephone or if you book online, then you can choose the same GP as many times as you like.

If I need further treatment, can I choose where I go?

Yes. The choice is entirely yours. Your GP can help by writing a referral or recommendation letter depending on your condition and circumstances and will discuss all the options with you during your visit. The Chiltern hospital also offers direct access to a consultant of your choice in a wide range of specialities and your GP will be able to refer you to their next available appointment, should you chose to continue your treatment with us. 

Will my GP know I've visited a private GP?

Your visit and what you discuss with your GP is confidential, and your GP will never disclose any information without your approval unless they believe that you may harm yourself or other people. This is standard procedure across all medicine, whether private or public. However, we do encourage you to make your registered NHS practitioner aware of any major health issues you have.

How long will my private GP visit last?

New visits last 30 minutes and follow up appointments last 20 minutes.

Are tests included in the cost of my GP visit?

No. The cost of your GP visit is for consultation and professional advice only, although it does include the cost of writing a prescription if deemed necessary.

The cost of fulfilling the prescription is not covered and varies according to the cost of the medication prescribed. You may want to ask your private GP for a recommendation letter you can take to your NHS GP if the cost of medication is prohibitive and on the approved NHS medication list.

Can private GP services issue prescriptions?

Yes. All GPs can issue prescriptions. However, a private prescription is different from an NHS prescription. Your GP will discuss this with you during your visit if you need a prescription for medication.

If I'm given a private prescription, where can I take it to be fulfilled?

Pretty much any pharmacy will fill a private prescription just as though it was an NHS prescription, but the cost will vary.

To find out more about our private GP services and how to get started, call us on 0141 300 5009.

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