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Rehabilitation from surgery and painful conditions

If you’ve been in pain for a long time, you’ll know how debilitating it can be, affecting almost every aspect of your daily life. Physiotherapy offers a way of managing your symptoms, often reducing pain and improving mobility, with the aim of helping you return to a normal routine.

There are a number of reasons you may require a programme of physiotherapy, including:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Balance dysfunction (for vestibular disorders such as vertigo and dizziness)
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) dysfunction
  • Lymphoedema (swollen arms, often after breast surgery, or swollen legs, often after groin dissection)
  • Facial palsy
  • Skin conditions
  • Post-cardiac care

Offering evidence-based treatment, our physiotherapists at Mount Alvernia have extensive clinical experience, ensuring your treatment options are personalised to your specific needs.

Our Physiotherapists work on the wards, assisting in post-operative rehabilitation for anyone with musculoskeletal conditions (anything that affects bones, muscles, tendons or ligaments). With a well-equipped purpose-built gym for our patients, our physiotherapy teams can create a personalised programme for patients, to strengthen muscle and maintain mobility during post-op recovery.

However, our physiotherapy department at Mount Alvernia offers so much more than this: the team works closely with consultants from almost every specialty.

One of our key features is the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This contains a capsule that patients zip themselves into on the treadmill, and air is pumped in to offload your bodyweight.

This is primarily used for rehabilitation of sports injuries, but also for weight management. It allows you to offload your body weight by up to 80%, reducing the impact on your joints, taking any unnecessary strain off the joint you are trying to rehabilitate. It is perfect for patients who wish to stay fit and mobile while they recover, particularly as you can re-introduce your bodyweight in gradual increments as you get stronger.

We have also seen excellent results in elderly patients too, who have found it really useful in building strength and restoring confidence, especially after a fall, included as part of our Falls rehabilitation class.

Sometimes, we know it can be a struggle for certain elderly patients to get to us, so we have occupational therapists available for home visits and assessments, should these be required.

For patients with lymphoedema, a specialist can measure you for a sleeve which you can wear to control the swelling. In conjunction with specialised massages as well as exercises to encourage drainage from the affected lymph nodes, this can effectively reduce your symptoms.

Hand therapy is offered along with splinting in order to protect and support your arm, wrist or hand during rehabilitation. Patients are either referred by our Hand surgeons, or self-referred if hand or wrist pain has been persistent.

Phototherapy is used in the management of various skin conditions, such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Severe eczema
  • Vitiligo (lost pigmentation of the skin)

This involves the use of a narrow band of specialist UV light, administered from a machine like an upright sunbed, targeting the affected areas. Our Dermatology consultants will usually refer you for this treatment if appropriate. By getting a condition like psoriasis under control, and then addressing other factors such as stress, patients can see excellent results.

Movement control classes are specifically targeted for those with back pain. If you have struggled with persistent back pain, or you are recovering from back surgery, this is an ideal class, aimed at giving patients the confidence to return to day-to-day activities such as work or favourite hobbies, despite symptoms of pain. Each one-hour class includes exercises designed to improve muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and fitness levels. Similar classes are also offered for those with neck and shoulder pain.

We have many facilities and classes geared towards helping athletes and sports people prepare for a return to their chosen sport, such as:

  • Ski Ready
  • Run Ready
  • Sports Ready

We are also premiering a service for Long Covid rehabilitation, which will involve multi-disciplinary specialists in order to screen other complications, working collaboratively to help patients recover from this complex illness.

If you feel you would benefit from any of these therapies, get in touch with one of our receptionists to book an initial consultation at your convenience.

Many patients will already have had primary care at Mount Alvernia, and will have been referred to us from other specialties. However, we also have a large uptake of self-referred patients, so you can book an appointment with one of our senior physiotherapists in the first instance if you wish.

At your consultation, your physiotherapist will ask for a detailed medical history, and will want to know all about your symptoms. They will likely ask you:

  • What symptoms have you been experiencing?
  • How long have you had them?
  • Have your symptoms been getting progressively worse?
  • Have you had any previous treatment? How effective was it?
  • Are you currently on any medication?

This will be followed by a physical examination, where they will press and manipulate the area relating to your symptoms to assess its health and condition.

They will want to see any scans that have previously been done, such as x-rays or MRIs. If you haven’t had any scans done at this point, your physiotherapist will be able to arrange these for you in our on-site Imaging unit.

With a firm diagnosis in hand, your physiotherapist will be able to discuss with you your condition and outline all your treatment options. Certain therapies can be started within this initial consultation, or you will be signposted to the relevant specialist in order to begin treatment without delay.

Occasionally, something like back pain may be a symptom of a larger concern, and you may be referred to one of our other specialties, such as Oncology or Neurology. On other occasions, surgical options may be the most suitable, and again you will be referred to the relevant consultant who can discuss potential surgical procedures to alleviate your symptoms.

Whether you need a short course for rehabilitation of an injury, or you have a chronic condition that needs long-term management, our expert physiotherapy team offer exemplary care to support and guide you through treatment.

By choosing to have your treatment at Mount Alvernia, you’ll be able to take advantage of all these great benefits:

Assessments ASAP – If your quality of life has been affected by the amount of pain your condition is causing you, you’ll want to be seen by a consultant without any unnecessary delay. By seeing patients rapidly, our specialists can get you started on the right course of treatment as soon as possible.

Top range facilities – From our AlterG® Anti-Gravity treadmill to a purpose-built gym for all your needs, our facilities at Mount Alvernia are geared towards efficient rehabilitation, whatever your condition.

Patient Satisfaction – 98% of other patients in 2020 said they would happily recommend the Mount Alvernia Hospital to friends and family in an independent report, and we’re confident that you’ll agree. 98% also said that the quality of care here at Mount Alvernia Hospital was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. We aim to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, and these results highlight our continued efforts to ensure this is achieved.

Personalised care – We believe in a bespoke approach to treatment, tailoring each experience to our patients’ needs, based on an accurate diagnosis and your own goals for recovery.

A multidisciplinary approach – Our physiotherapy team at Mount Alvernia work in tandem with a wide array of other specialties to provide you with the best possible care from start to finish. Working closely with orthopaedic consultants, oncologists and gynaecologists, as well as a dedicated team of radiographers, anaesthetists, and nurses, you have support from medical professionals every step of the way during your treatment.

Convenient appointments – With appointments available between 8am and 8pm Monday-Saturday, you are sure to find an appointment slot that suits your needs and availability.

If you have been suffering from long-term pain which hasn’t been getting any better, why not get in touch with our reception team today to book a private Physiotherapy appointment? Our Physio team can diagnose and plan a treatment plan for you that should see you on the road to recovery soon!

For peace of mind and expert care, please contact Mount Alvernia to book an appointment now.