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Pain management

Our pain management unit at Circle Reading has the latest technology, enabling us to provide an immediate range of diagnostics needed including scans, specialist blood tests and even nerve conduction tests if required.

Persistent pain can have a huge impact upon quality of life, spanning social, occupational and family activities.

At Circle Reading Hospital, our pain management department appreciates this and draws on the expertise of leading clinicians in the field in order to provide the best possible outcome for your pain.

Taking a holistic approach to providing world-leading pain management care, our expert clinicians will listen to your pain concerns with compassion and care.

Our pain management unit at Circle Reading has the latest technology, enabling us to provide an immediate range of diagnostics needed including scans, specialist blood tests and even nerve conduction tests if required.

Once your individual pain issues have been fully assessed, we will discuss the range of treatment options available to you, explaining their potential benefits and how they may impact your life.

Often, chronic pain requires long-term management: at Circle Reading, we are here to support you. Throughout your treatment we will continue to offer you expert help and guidance, and can tailor your treatment package and activities as your condition improves.

Pain management does not restrict its treatments to specific conditions but is an option for anyone suffering with unmanaged pain.

The specialty of pain management uses non-surgical strategies to help control acute pain. Whether the pain has occurred following trauma or surgery, or is the result of a persistent pain disorder, our pain management team can help.

The most common cause of unmanaged pain is a chronic musculoskeletal disorder such as back or neck pain, possibly associated with radiating pain from an irritated or compressed neural tissue.

We also commonly help people:

  • who are suffering from chronic migraines
  • struggling with pain caused by chronic diseases of the nervous system
  • who have experienced injury to the brain, spinal cord or nerves.

A modern and up-to-date understanding of pain management underpins the treatments provided within our leading pain management unit at Circle Reading.

A wealth of research indicates that persistent pain may not only be the result of continual damage to tissue but may also relate to changes in the sensitivity of the nervous system to normal experiences, such as movement.

As such, pain management treatment options are holistic and often incorporate certain interventions aimed at locally-painful tissue as well as the nervous system itself.

Some examples of interventions aimed directly at painful tissues include anti-inflammatory injections such as corticosteroid injections, nerve root block injections and physiotherapy aimed at joints and soft tissues.

Pain interventions aimed at reducing the sensitivity of the nervous system itself may include:

  • talking therapies, to reduce stress and anxiety
  • painkilling medication (analgesics)
  • medication to reduce muscle tone in certain conditions

Pain management treatments at Circle Health are always tailored according to your specific needs.

Initial consultation

Whether you have been referred from a clinician at Circle Reading, another healthcare unit or if you have self-referred to our specialist pain management team, your initial consultation will be extremely thorough.

Our expert clinicians will begin by taking an in-depth history of the problem. This will enable them to get a greater understanding of the background to your pain, as well as to clarify what goals our team at Circle Reading will aim to help you achieve.

You’ll be given the time to talk about your concerns

During your consultation, you will always be given plenty of space and time to talk about how your pain has affected your life, as well as to ask any questions you may have about how we can help.

Our specialists will also consider any underlying diagnoses and may request further diagnostics tests if they feel they may help in your recovery.

Depending on whether any further diagnostic tests are required, your clinician will discuss your customised treatment options with you either at your initial consultation or at a follow-up appointment once the results of any diagnostic tests have been received.

Diagnostic tests may include a variety of imaging modalities including X-rays and MRI scans.

These tests are able to help your clinician to accurately confirm suspected diagnoses, as well as to exclude other causes for your pain. Imaging may also be helpful in planning the exact approach and technique to be used for certain interventions, such as injections.

In rare circumstances, other types of diagnostics may be requested by your clinician. These may include specialist blood tests to look at genetic markers or inflammation levels, as well as tests to examine the function of nerves (nerve conduction studies).

The Circle Reading Pain Management Unit can offer a variety of injections including:

  • joint injections
  • soft tissue and muscle injections
  • nerve root block injections.

When indicated, our department can also offer innovative solutions such as radiofrequency denervation procedures to reduce pain for longer periods of time.

All injections and interventions are performed by experts in pain management, under the latest imaging techniques to increase the chances of positive outcomes.

The effect of any targeted intervention will always be monitored. In addition, with their expert knowledge of pharmacology your clinician will ensure you receive the most appropriate oral analgesia available to manage your pain and to increase your function.

Our interventions are underpinned by our expertise in psychology and talking therapies, which can help when you need to restore the elements of social, occupational and sports related activities that you may have lost.

For patients with conditions affecting their movement and/ or their musculoskeletal system, we can provide physiotherapy to enable the rapid restoration of flexibility, strength and endurance needed to optimise recovery. 

Research indicates that when the right treatment is delivered by experienced doctors and allied health professionals in a specialist environment this leads to successful outcomes for patients.

Circle Reading is able to offer our pain management service with all of these values:

1. Our team of experts can provide a holistic package of care which is right for your problem. Our team comprises of:

  • Specialist anesthetists
  • Psychologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Interventional radiologists

This ensures that you always have control over your treatment. Often, patients with persistent pain wish to try several treatments before they reach their desired goals.

We completely support this patient-centered approach, and actively manage a package of simultaneous treatments as our patients require.

2. Diagnostics including:

  • Specialist X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRI scans
  • Blood tests
  • Nerve conduction studies

Circle Reading is able to offer an array of diagnostic tests on site, with no lengthy waits and with a flexible schedule of appointment times. This ensures we are able to rapidly reach a diagnosis and commence the most effective treatment for your problem after your initial consultation.

3. Circle Reading is a leading pain management unit and a centre of excellence for related areas of medicine. We have leading expertise in the fields of:

  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Neurological physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Our pain management experts are able to draw on their expertise in these fields and can refer onwards as the need arises, leading to a stress-free transition of care.

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