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Giselle Franklin happily walking with her horse after cataract surgery
By In-house Team, Circle Health Group

Southend Private Hospital: Giselle’s story

Giselle's vision is 'crystal clear' after cataract surgery at Southend Private Hospital

Meet Giselle Franklin

Giselle Franklin is a 57-year-old registered nurse from Little Baddow.

She underwent cataract surgery performed by Professor Rajesh Aggarwal at Southend Private Hospital in Essex. Giselle's surgeon, Mr Rajesh Aggarwal, has an established reputation as one of the leading ophthalmic surgeons in the UK. Giselle's story shines a spotlight on the importance of regular eye tests and how cataract surgery can help transform your life.

Giselle's symptoms were taking over her life

Giselle, a lively and enthusiastic individual who enjoys observing local wildlife, travelling, and riding horses, began experiencing difficulties with close-up vision and a persistent haze in 2018. As her symptoms worsened over the next three years, she had to rely on varifocal lenses to see properly. Giselle's optician quickly diagnosed her with cataracts during a routine eye check. The condition now had a huge impact on Giselle's everyday life, making it challenging for her to keep up with her usual routine.

Giselle had lost confidence with driving at night and needed certain lighting to read - even with glasses. Giselle's nursing colleague recommended Professor Aggarwal based on his excellent reputation. Professor Aggarwal assured Giselle of the benefits of cataract surgery and that it was the best treatment option for her.

Getting treatment at Southend Private Hospital

Giselle was informed of the benefits of cataract surgery, the main one being a vast improvement in vision, reducing the need for glasses or contact lenses. Cataract surgery is the procedure used to treat cataracts, which is a condition that causes the natural lens in your eye to become cloudy. A cataract interferes with the function of your lens and causes gradual deterioration of vision.

At Southend Private Hospital, our dedicated teams perform cataract surgery with precision and expertise. By removing the clouded lens through a 'keyhole' incision and replacing it with a customised IOL (intraocular lens), we can improve near, intermediate, and distance vision - eliminating the need for glasses.

Under the care of Professor Rajesh Aggarwal, Giselle underwent cataract surgery using a multifocal lens. Professor Aggarwal's extensive experience in using multifocal implants for cataract and refractive lens surgery instantly put Giselle at ease. Professor Aggarwal has a vast amount of experience with multifocal implants for use in cataract and refractive lens, which meant Giselle "felt immediately at ease".

The procedure was a resounding success. Giselle says: "Everything is crystal clear and colours so bright, like high definition". The impact of undergoing cataract surgery is dramatic. Foggy, blurred vision becomes sharp and pellucid. Vision starts to improve within a few hours after surgery, although a complete recovery may take a few weeks.

The healing was quick. I followed all the aftercare, and I knew within 24 -48 hours it had been successful. It really has changed my life, no looking for glasses, contact lenses!

Giselle Franklin

Giselle’s vision is restored

Following the surgery, Giselle experienced a quick healing process and diligently followed her post-operative care instructions. She was provided with eyedrops to manage inflammation and reduce the risk of infection, ensuring a successful outcome. Giselle expressed her delight at the life-changing results.

"The healing was quick," says Giselle. "I followed all the aftercare, and I knew within 24 -48 hours it had been successful. It really has changed my life, no looking for glasses, contact lenses!"

Cataract surgery has fully restored Giselle's vision, removing the cataract and inserting an artificial lens.

At Southend Private Hospital we provide ourselves on excellent patient care. Our CQC outstanding rating is a recognition of our exceptional care and services we provide. Professor Aggarwal first carried out laser vision correction in 1993 and has continued to develop and refine his skills. He now teaches these newfound techniques to ophthalmologists from the UK and other parts of Europe where his skills as a trainer in the field of refractive cataract surgery are in much demand.

After Giselle's surgery she wrote a fantastic testimonial:

"Treatment was quick, painless, and I was excited for the results. The hospital staff including the reception, surgeon, nurses, and assistants were all so friendly, kind, and efficient. I'm so pleased that I made the decision and highly recommend the hospital and my consultant for this treatment".

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