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Mr Nick Beattie

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

BSc (Hons.), MBCHB, MRCS, FRCS(Ed) T+O, PG Cert Ed

Practices at: The Chiltern Hospital, The Shelburne Hospital

A photo of Mr Nick Beattie

Personal Profile

Mr Beattie is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising exclusively in hip and knee surgery. His  NHS practice is in Buckinghamshire at Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville Hospital. His private practice is based at The Chiltern Hospital in Great Missenden.

After leaving the St Andrews/Manchester University Medical School, Mr Beattie trained at St Georges Hospital in London and then underwent specialist Orthopaedic training on the nationally acclaimed Edinburgh rotation. Upon completion of training, he went on to become the Senior lecturer in Orthopaedics at the University of Edinburgh and Honorary Consultant at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. He then spent a year in Vancouver on Fellowship with the Adult Reconstruction team under the supervision of Dr Clive Duncan, Dr Bas Masri, Dr Don Garbuz and Dr Nelson Greidanus. The Vancouver Fellowship is widely regarded as the premier joint reconstruction fellowship in the world. He comes to Buckinghamshire as an expert in primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery.

He had published extensively and presented academic papers across the world winning awards at every stage.

His practice reflects the state of the art training always applying the principals of minimally invasive surgery and optimal outcomes delivered within an empathic and caring environment.

The majority of Mr Beattie’s patients have either hip or knee pain and are referred to clinic by their GP or physiotherapist. After an initial consultation it is often necessary to undertake further investigations such as a CT or MRI scan. These investigations are available at The Chiltern Hospital and can be undertaken quickly in order to avoid any delay in treatment. Many patients can be successfully treated without surgery and at The Chiltern Hospital, we have a dedicated team of physiotherapists that are experts in the management of hip and knee pain and rehabilitation after surgery.

After appropriate investigations and conversation many patients with osteoarthritis will choose to proceed with surgery. The majority of patients with painful osteoarthritis will choose to have a joint replacement in order to relieve their pain and preserve their quality of life. Mr Beattie always embraces new surgical technologies and minimally techniques that have been proven to provide benefit to patients. He chooses modern implant designs and materials to give his patients the best chance of a successful and long lasting joint replacement solution. Mr Beattie has a particular interest in returning people to an active, healthy sporting life after joint replacement surgery.

Although joint replacements last for a long time they occasionally require further surgery. In these patients Mr Beattie is very pleased offer revision hip or revision knee replacement surgery. Mr Beattie applies state of the art North American techniques when performing revision surgery to again maximise functional outcome.

Joint replacement surgery is not always the best option, and this may be particularly true for younger patients wishing to maintain their sporting activities. For some patients a partial knee replacement may offer a better solution than a total knee replacement. Alternatively, we may discuss lower limb realignment surgery (high tibial osteotomy). This surgery avoids the need for joint replacement by re-aligning the leg. This moves the force travelling through the knee away from the area of arthritis and therefore resolves pain.

Mr Beattie looks forward to welcoming you to The Chiltern Hospital where he works with a group of extremely experienced anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists, and surgical assistants to provide the best possible care. The entire team is focused on your care and ensuring the best possible outcome for each individual patient. 

Clinical Inerests

             Knee Surgery

             Total Knee Replacement

             Computer Assisted Total Knee Replacement

             Computer-assisted High Tibial Osteotomy

             Partial Knee Replacement

             Knee Arthroscopy

             Knee ligament surgery

             Hip Surgery

             Total Hip Replacement

             Hybrid Total Hip Replacement

             Uncemented Total Hip Replacement

             Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

             Revision Total Hip Replacement

             Revision Total Knee Replacement