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Dr Chris Meaden

Consultant Gastroenterologist

MA (Cantab), BM BCh (Oxon), MD, FRCP

Practices at: The Lancaster Hospital, The Beardwood Hospital

A photo of Dr Chris Meaden

Personal Profile

Dr Chris Meaden is a Consultant Gastroenterologist. His practice is focussed on two main areas. The first is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers which affect the digestive system. The second is diagnosis and treatment of non-cancerous conditions which affect the digestive system. These include reflux, indigestion, ulcers, Helicobacter infection, gallstones, liver disease, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease. This work usually involves endoscopy and Dr Meaden has performed several thousand of each of the main types of endoscopy (Gastroscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy and ERCP). Patients with these conditions often need additional, or alternative tests such as ultrasound scans, CT, MRI, oesophageal pH and manometry (for acid reflux and swallowing problems) and Capsule Endoscopy. Dr Meaden arranges these for his patients.

Dr Meaden is a graduate of both Cambridge and Oxford Universities and completed specialist medical training in gastroenterology and general medicine in Sheffield, Australia and the Manchester region. He completed a research degree in molecular virology and liver disease at The University of Manchester during training. He has been a consultant in the NHS since 2005 and is currently a senior Consultant at a regional referral centre for Gastroenterology.

Dr Meaden believes in allowing patients enough opportunity to express themselves and placing them at the centre of the decision making process after being informed of their options. Patients who are referred to him typically have problems such as abdominal pain/discomfort, indigestion/heartburn/wind/bloating, a change in bowel habit (diarrhoea and constipation), bleeding at defaection, anaemia, gallstone problems, abnormal scan results, abnormal liver tests (LFT’s), or a family history of cancer affecting the digestive system. These complaints usually require a combination of tests including endoscopy, which he performs himself. Dr Meaden has particular expertise in endoscopy and is an endoscopy trainer at a National Endoscopy Training Centre. He is also an Accredited Bowel Cancer Screening Colonoscopist, which requires a higher level of expertise than general consultant endoscopy.

Clinical Interests

  • General Gastroenterology
  • Bowel Cancer Screening
  • Polypectomy
  • Barrett’s oesophagus
  • ERCP
  • Teaching endoscopy

Research Interests

  • Quality Standards in Endoscopy
  • Sedation in Endoscopy
  • Molecular Biology of Hepatitis C Virus