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Screening and diagnostics

Cancer screening and diagnostics for an early and accurate diagnosis

A scientist working in a lab that performs cancer screening and diagnostics tests

An early, accurate, and clear diagnosis is critical to your cancer care, treatment and general wellbeing.

Many of our hospitals are fully equipped with a range of advanced diagnosis and imaging techniques, including CT, MRI, PET scan, ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopy, histopathology, mammography and PSA testing.

A number of our hospitals also offer the latest in nuclear medicine service for cancer diagnostics. This means you’re given a small amount of radiation for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

We know how important it is to get results in good time, which is why we produce many diagnosis reports within 48 hours.

We’re committed to continually investing in the latest cancer screening technology so that we can offer our patients the most effective services.

These can help to improve early detection and effective treatment. Recently, we invested more than £1m in digital mammography, which gives women faster and more accurate information about their breast cancer. Digital mammography is now available at 17 of our hospitals.

We’ve also invested nearly £3.5m in JAG-accredited gastrointestinal endoscopy. This is the gold standard in screening for various types of gastrointestinal cancers like stomach cancer.

It means we can offer better technology and the latest equipment at eight of our hospitals across the country.

A cancer screening and diagnostics is something that will be recommended by your Consultant, at which point our team will arrange an appointment for you. 
If you think you may need a cancer screening and diagnostics and you aren’t speaking to one of our Consultants yet, book an initial consultation using our online booking portal. If you need a cancer screening and diagnostics, they will arrange it for you. 

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