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Aging can change and affect the appearance of the neck. We look at how a neck lift surgery can improve how your neck looks.  

Doctor examining a patient's neck ahead of a necklift procedure
As a normal process of ageing there are several visible changes that may occur to the appearance to the neck. These may include:

  • Excess subcutaneous (underneath the skin) fat;
  • Visible skin folds;
  • Excess skin and
  • Visible bands of muscles.

These changes normally advance with age but some individuals may experience them earlier than others due to their underlying facial structure or general health status.

We offer expertise in undergoing necklift surgery to correct some or all of the characteristic neck appearances above.

At a pre-operative assessment clinic, our expert plastic surgeons will carefully listen to your concerns. They will examine your facial structure and analyse the most appropriate surgical approach may be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the neck.

Necklift surgery is a procedure which can be performed under local anaesthesia and heavy sedation but in almost all circumstances will be performed under general anaesthetic. Our experienced anaesthetic team will assess your medical status to undergo necklift surgery in your pre-operative clinic.

Advances in technology and medical instrumentation mean that plastic surgeons are able to perform this operation with very small incisions. These incisions will be typically be made under the chin and in front of the ears with the exact location depending on the nature of planned procedure.

The operation will then involve liposuction or excision of excess fat and may involve the tightening and of muscles at the front of the neck to smooth their appearance. The remaining skin will then be pulled taught and any excess skin excised before the surgical team carefully suture the skin together again.

The entire procedure normally takes between two to three hours to complete.

It is normal following a necklift operation to stay overnight in hospital for at least one night. Immediate side effects which will last a few days may include:

  • Discomfort;
  • Bruising;
  • Swelling and
  • Numbness.

Redness over the incision scars (which gradually fade over several months)

Your specialist will review you regularly following your necklift to check for any signs of infection to the wounds which is a very rare but potentially serious complication.

Optimal results are generally obtained after approximately six months after their surgery. To obtain the best possible results it is advisable to refrain from excessive alcohol intake and a diet high in fat as well as smoking which will prolong the healing time.

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