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Coping with infertility

Discovering that you have difficulty conceiving can impact on all aspects of life.

Discovering that you have difficulty conceiving can impact on all aspects of life and cause unfamiliar, painful emotions. Many people feel lonely and isolated, particularly when friends and relatives seem to be able to have children with ease.

Feelings of frustration, confusion, sadness, hopelessness and even anger may surface, whilst others may have the feelings of guilt and shame. These are all understandable and normal reactions to a situation where a patient feels out of control, with their autonomy threatened.

Infertility can be one of the most difficult situations you will face in life. Appreciating it as a common condition affecting many couples, and understanding that you are not alone are the first steps to coping with your emotions.

Learning more about your condition and the treatments available will help towards a better understanding and enable informed choices. Our fertility teams are here to help and advise, either during a formal consultation or simply a chat over the phone. Do not be afraid to ask questions, however trivial they may seem. Written information will be supplied to back up treatment options and discussions.

Before starting fertility treatment, all patients are encouraged to take the opportunity of receiving counselling. All of our fertility centres have trained counsellors available to offer support focused on helping to cope with the physical and emotional difficulties associated with infertility.

 provides emotional support at times of particular stress, and an opportunity to discuss any concerns about your treatment with an impartial person. It is available as part of your initial decision-making and at any stage of your treatment.

Apart from the counselling available through our units, you may also find it helpful to contact one of the national support groups, who may put you in touch with others who have had similar treatment. Each fertility centre will be able to provide you with details of local and national support groups.

Specialists offering Coping with infertility

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Mr Satish Maddineni

Consultant Urological Surgeon


The Alexandra Hospital

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Miss Lynne Robinson

Consultant Gynaecologist

Qualifications (Add commas to separate) MBChB, MD, FRCOG

The Priory Hospital

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Dr Sharmistha Guha

Consultant Gynaecologist

MBBS, MRCOG, PG Certificate in Gynaecological USS DFFP BSCCP Accreditated

The Clementine Churchill Hospital 1 more Syon Clinic

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Dr Mourad Seif

Consultant Gynaecologist

MBChB, MSc, Dip (Mang.), PhD, FRCOG

The Alexandra Hospital

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Dr Nahed Shaltoot

Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician


The Highfield Hospital

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