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Knee surgery

Private surgery for knee problems, from injuries to chronic pain condition

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If you are looking for an experienced private knee surgeon near you, our specialists are ready and waiting to help you. At Circle Health Group, we help thousands of people every year to get back on their feet through private knee surgery. When you choose us, you're choosing consultant-led healthcare, treatment plans built around you, and personalised recovery programmes to help you get better as soon as possible.

We have more than 50 locations around the UK, so you're never far from your local Circle hospital. We're an award-winning private hospital group committed to clinical excellence in a calm and welcoming environment. Our multidisciplinary teams are experienced, talented and truly compassionate, and this is reflected in our excellent patient satisfaction scores.

To learn more about knee surgery, call us or book online to arrange your initial consultation with a specialist. You'll usually find one available within 48 hours. We don't have waiting lists for treatment, so once you and your consultant have decided on the best type of surgery for you, you can go ahead and book it in, often in as little as two weeks.

Knee surgery costs will depend on which type of surgery you are having as well as the hospital and consultant you choose. Many of our individual treatment pages include guide prices, and you can also call our team and request a tailored quote.

You can access knee surgery with us using private medical insurance or by paying for your own treatment.

Often knee surgery will be covered by your private health insurance, but not always. Speak to your provider directly to see what's covered in your policy.

If you want to pay for your own treatment, you can either pay in full or take advantage of our flexible payment options, which allow you to spread the cost over a period of up to five years.

Our self-pay customers benefit from fixed-price packages, meaning you'll know exactly what you're going to pay before you book your surgery. Your initial consultation and early diagnostic tests won't be included, but the cost of your surgery and hospital fees are, and so is your aftercare programme. There are no hidden costs down the line.

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The most common reasons that people have knee surgery are because of an accident or injury, or because of a chronic knee condition. You might also have knee surgery if you have congenital deformities or knee problems that need addressing.

As the largest joint in the human body, your knee operates like a hinge, allowing you to sit, jump and walk freely. Your knee comprises a fairly complex anatomical structure, including components such as your kneecap and knee ligaments. When your knee structure is operating correctly, you should be able to bend and straighten your knees and turn them slightly inward or outward. Damage to your knee can cause pain, swelling, lack of mobility and stiffness in the joint, which can have a significant impact on your life.

In general, people have knee surgery because they have a knee problem that is affecting use of the joint, stopping them from living their life as normal.

At Circle Health Group, knee surgery is performed by orthopaedic consultants who specialise in knee surgery. They might be called consultant orthopaedic surgeons or consultant knee surgeons.

Surgery for knee pain

If you're battling chronic knee pain, then you're not alone. In the UK, more than 10 million people have arthritis, a common condition that can cause debilitating joint pain and very frequently affects the knees. There are various types, but the most common is osteoarthritis, which is caused by wear and tear to the knee joint and becomes more common as we get older.

Not everyone with chronic knee pain will need surgery, and we will always try and use conservative methods of treatment first. However, if the damage inside your knee joint is extensive, knee surgery might be the best choice for you.

Surgery for knee injuries

Knee injuries are a common occurrence, and if they are serious, they may need to be treated with knee surgery. Common injuries include a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), a torn meniscus, and knee fractures (broken bones). If you are having surgery for a knee injury you might need to have it quite quickly for the best success.

At Circle Health Group, we offer a wide variety of knee surgery types. The one that's best for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Some of the procedures our knee surgeons perform most commonly include:

Total knee replacement surgery

Total knee replacement surgery is a common procedure for knee pain that has been caused by degenerative knee conditions such as arthritis. It involves removing the damaged portion of your knee and replacing it with an artificial joint.

Partial knee replacement surgery

A partial knee replacement, also known as unicompartmental knee replacement, involves replacing just one element of your knee joint. This is different to a total knee replacement where a larger proportion of the joint is replaced. It is only suitable in certain circumstances.

Revision knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a highly effective treatment and your new knee can last for upwards of 25 years in some cases, however for many people the implant will wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced. This is known as knee revision surgery.

Arthroscopic knee surgery

A knee arthroscopy, also known as keyhole surgery, is carried out to diagnose and treat knee pain. During this procedure, a small incision will be made to allow your surgeon to insert a tiny camera, called an arthroscope, into your knee to diagnose the source of your pain. If possible, they will treat the problems during the same procedure. All sorts of knee problems can be treated using a knee arthroscopy including damage to your ligaments and tendons.

ACL reconstruction surgery

ACL reconstruction surgery is a type of knee surgery that involves repairing or reconstructing your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). If you've torn or ruptured your ACL, it can be reconstructed by replacing the ligament with a graft. This will stop the knee from giving way when making twisting or turning movements.

Knee meniscus repair surgery

A meniscal tear is a common knee injury. The menisci are parts of your knee that act as shock absorbers, and they can be torn if you forcefully twist or rotate your knee.

Knee realignment surgery

A knee osteotomy is surgery to correct a damaged or deformed bone that is stopping your knee from functioning properly. A femoral osteotomy corrects problems in your thigh bone, while a high tibial osteotomy corrects a problem with your shin bone.

Knee surgery for broken bones

Open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) is a type of surgery used to repair knee fractures when they are too severe or complex to be treated with a cast or a splint.

If you choose to have knee surgery with us, your consultant and healthcare team will give you lots of tailored advice about preparing for surgery, which will include everything from lifestyle tips to make sure you're in good shape before the operation, to a guide to preparing your home for when you return.

They'll also tell you what to expect from surgery, for example the types of anaesthesia available and the effects of anaesthesia, what it's like to be a patient in hospital with us, and who will join you in the operating theatre.

Recovering from knee surgery is different for everyone, but in every instance you have a better chance of success if you are supported through your recovery by a physiotherapist.

At Circle Health Group, all our knee surgery patients will be supported by a dedicated chartered physiotherapist who specialises in getting people back on their feet. They will work with you throughout your treatment journey, building a personalised recovery plan that will help you to regain your strength and support the healing of your knee as best as you can.

If you are paying for your own treatment, the cost of your knee physiotherapy is included in your fixed-price package.

Sue Bower had a knee replacement at The Park Hospital in Nottingham. She explains how knee surgery changed her life are living with osteoarthritis:

"After several months of severe pain in my left knee, I found that walking was becoming more and more difficult, so I referred myself to Mr Reshid Berber.

"At the appointment, he carefully explained what was happening to my knee, showing me on the X-ray and a model where my knee was damaged. He put me at ease, providing me with reassurance and confidence that a knee replacement was the best treatment option for me.

"At my six-week post op appointment last week, he was happy with the result of the operation. Everything went well. I am now pain-free, the scar is healing well and will hardly be visible later. I am so very grateful to Mr Berber. He is very professional and skillful, but he is also compassionate, sympathetic, and kind. I highly recommend him, along with all the staff who work alongside him at The Park, including the physio staff."

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Reshid Berber explains why knee replacement surgery was the right choice for Sue:

"Osteoarthritis of the knee can cause debilitating pain and restricted movement that can interfere with your physical and emotional health. If arthritis has led to advanced damage within your knee, then surgery might be the best treatment option for you.

"Knee arthritis can mean everyday activities and exercise are difficult to perform. It can affect people of all ages, as well. Knee surgery, such as joint replacement surgery, is aimed at improving your quality of life and getting you back doing the things you enjoy."

In order to have knee surgery with Circle Health Group, you need to first have a consultation with one of our knee specialists. This initial consultation allows us to make a diagnosis, get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve from knee surgery, and talk you through all the options available to you.

You can book a consultation online or you can call us to speak directly to one of our dedicated team of friendly advisors.

We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about knee surgery.

What is the fastest way to recover from knee surgery?

Recovering from knee surgery is different for everyone, but our team will do everything they can to support you in getting better as quickly as possible. This includes a personalised exercise programme developed by one of our chartered physiotherapists.

Can you overdo it after knee surgery?

Many people are surprised at how soon after knee surgery we encourage our patients to get back on their feet. Still, it is possible to overdo it after knee surgery. Your physiotherapist and consultant will be able to give you personalised recommendations on how often and how soon to exercise after knee surgery, how soon you should feel back to normal, and how much you will need to rest.

Is knee replacement major surgery?

Yes, a knee replacement operation is considered a major surgery. It is a common and highly successful procedure but it does carry certain risks and it has a significant recovery time.

How long does knee replacement surgery take?

How long knee replacement surgery takes will vary from person to person, but on average the operation lasts between one and two hours.

How much is knee replacement surgery (UK)?

Our knee replacement surgery cost UK page explains how much a private knee replacement costs and gives information on our flexible payment options. The cost of knee surgery (no matter the type you have) will vary depending on factors including the hospital you choose, why you need surgery, and how extensive the operation is.

How successful is arthroscopic knee surgery?

Knee arthroscopy is a very successful and commonly used type of surgery. It is also a minimally invasive technique, meaning recovery times are often short.

Why is my knee so tight after meniscus surgery?

Some swelling and fluid in your knee is normal after meniscus surgery, and is part of the healing process. It might last up to 6 weeks and can make your knee feel tight. Your consultant will explain this to you before you have your procedure. If you feel that your knee is tighter than you expected, call your consultant or care team for advice.

Does meniscus surgery lead to knee replacement?

Having surgery on your meniscus does not mean you will later need a knee replacement, however studies have shown that this type of surgery does make you significantly more likely to need a total knee replacement operation in future.

When you choose to go private with Circle Health Group, you can expect:

  • Flexible appointment times and locations to fit your routine
  • The freedom to choose which hospital and consultant suit your needs
  • Personalised, consultant-led treatment plans tailored to your individual needs
  • Comfortable and safe private facilities maintained by expert multidisciplinary teams
  • Private ensuite rooms as standards and delicious healthy meals
  • Affordable, fixed-price packages with aftercare included
  • Flexible payment options to help you spread the cost of your care

If you would like to learn more about knee surgery, book your appointment online today or call a member of our team directly.

Content reviewed by Circle in-house team in March 2023. Next review due March 2026.

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