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Same-day private GP appointments with Circle Online GP

Get expert advice, private prescriptions, and referrals by video for £45

Book with Circle Online GP

Whether you need a prescription without the wait, an onward referral to a consultant, or simply want fast access to a reliable private virtual GP, Circle Online GP is here for you.

At Circle Health Group, we've partnered with HealthHero to offer you quick and easy access to online private GP appointments, available same-day or bookable up to seven days in advance, all for just £45.

Circle Online GP fits into your lifestyle

Consultations are available from 8am to 10pm almost every day of the year, and because they're held via video or phone, there's no need to travel. You can get expert medical advice at work, on the go, or in the comfort of your own home.

Booking your GP appointment with Circle Online GP is a simple, speedy process. Sign up, log in, and book your consultation within minutes.

Book with Circle Online GP

Fast access to a private GP online

If you're struggling to get an appointment with your regular GP, a one-off video or phone consultation with a private GP could be the answer to your problems.

Circle's new virtual GP service offers you access to book specialist medical advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a time and a place convenient to you. If you just can't wait - whether on your lunch break at work, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night - your virtual GP is on hand to provide you with peace of mind.

Referrals to the best consultant for you

If you need to see a specialist, your private virtual GP can write a letter of referral. GPs can refer you to any consultant anywhere, including one of the thousands of consultants at one of our 50+ hospitals nationwide. This is particularly important if you want to access private healthcare using your health insurance, because most policy providers only cover treatment if you have been referred by a GP. You can also pay for your treatment directly, which can speed up the process.

You can also pay for your treatment by yourself, a process also known as self-pay. Self-pay is when you pay for your own private healthcare without using medical insurance. So, if you don't have private healthcare, you can just pay for what you need, as and when you need it.

Expert advice for any condition

Your private GP can offer you advice on all aspects of your health. They are here to treat your everyday health concerns and promote your wellbeing and as mentioned above, can also refer you directly to a consultant if that's what you need.

A private prescription service

With it becoming more difficult to book an appointment with your GP at a time that suits you, our online private GP service offers you the power and freedom to book a same-day consultation with fast access to an on-demand private prescription service.

The private GP can prescribe medications in a similar way to your regular GP so long as they feel the prescription is indicated and complies with HealthHero’s prescribing policy. The private GP cannot issue prescriptions for controlled drugs and in most instances, they will not be able to issue repeat prescriptions as they are unable to provide you with continuity of care.

Fast access

With Circle Online GP, you will be able to book an appointment with a GP for that very same day, or alternatively you can pick one that works for you up to seven days in advance.

No time constraints

Although your appointment will be scheduled for 15 minutes as standard, your GP will not try to rush you, and if they feel like you need more time with them, they'll simply stay on the call at no extra charge.

Best of both worlds

Booking an appointment - or even multiple appointments - with Circle Online GP does not affect your relationship with your regular GP in any way. Whether you are registered with a private or NHS GP, this will not change. In fact, if you give us their details, we'll even share our notes with your surgery to keep your records up to date.

Convenient and flexible

Pick your date and time and dial into your video call from wherever you are, meaning you don't have to leave work or travel from home in order to see a doctor, and there's no time lost getting there and back.

Cost saving

Appointments are only £45 each, significantly cheaper than most in-person private GP appointments and also a more affordable option than signing up to a private practice long term.

Longer hours

Circle Online GP offers appointments seven days a week from 8am-10pm, every day except Christmas Day. These extended hours are designed to be accessible for everyone, whatever their schedules or shift patterns.

To book your private video or phone consultation with your virtual GP, simply click the link below and you'll be taken through to the online booking portal.

You can begin by selecting the type of consultation you would like (a video call or phone call). Next, you'll select your gender and the date and time of your appointment. We offer a mix of morning, afternoon and evening slots, including same day appointments.

If you're new to Circle Online GP, you'll be asked to set up an account by adding a few personal details. This should only take a few minutes and it'll make the whole process faster next time.

Shortly before your appointment time, we'll send you an email with a link to the video call. Take yourself somewhere quiet and private and simply click on the link to be taken through to your virtual appointment with one of our experienced private GPs.

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about video appointments and private GPs.

How do I pick up my private prescription?

We'll ask for the address of your preferred pharmacy and have any prescriptions you might need sent over to them directly.

Can my GP issue a repeat prescription?

We unable to issue long term, repeat medication. Should you require repeat prescription medication, it is in your best interests to be seen by your regular GP. We can offer advice on medication you are taking and may be able to offer short course medication depending on the symptoms.

What if my concerns can't be diagnosed over video call?

A video consultation is not appropriate in every situation, and we'll ask you a series of questions before we confirm your booking to make sure it's the right option for you.

If we feel your concern is urgent or can't be addressed virtually, we will say so, and we'll direct you to a service better placed to help you.

If you do make a booking, we are experienced in treating patients via video call and we'll request photos and lots of detail from you to make sure we get the fullest picture possible.

If you do have a video appointment and your GP feels you need to see a healthcare professional in person, they will advise you on the best course of action.

Do I need private health insurance to access a private GP?

No, you don't need private medical insurance to access your private GP. This is a pay-as-you-go service designed to be used in addition to your registered GP. You simply pay the one-off fee each time you need an appointment.

How much does a private GP cost?

Our private consultations via our partner HealthHero cost £45 for a 15-minute appointment with an experienced GP.

How much does a private prescription cost?

When using a private prescription service, there can be extra costs involved because the prescription is not partly funded by the NHS.

This service is offered by HealthHero, who will also take payment for the service.

You need to be a resident or currently located in the UK at the time of your consultation and be aged 18 years or above, with access to a personal email address. 

At the time of your consultation you must ensure that you are not driving, using machinery or undertaking any other activity, and be in a private location suitable for a confidential consultation with a clinician.

If it's your first appointment, you will be asked to provide some additional personal information before booking.

The cost includes prescription writing, fit notes, and referrals. The cost of any privately prescribed medications is not included and will vary and will not be eligible for any NHS exemptions or discounts.

We are not able to prescribe controlled drugs (e.g., medications including codeine, diazepam and related medications).

If you receive a referral letter to see a specialist, this will also be shared with the Circle Health Group customer service team to help support the selection and booking of your next appointment in one of their 50+ hospitals.

By booking an online GP appointment you are agreeing to HealthHero’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Full terms and conditions and privacy policy are available on