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Claire’s MyWay story: “to me, it was a complete no brainer”

MyWay – your healthcare partner

Claire, 58 from Berkshire, had always been aware of the relationship between her health and overall quality of life. As she got older, she wanted the reassurance of being able to access a GP and a specialist consultant if she had symptoms in the future, especially after struggling to access healthcare services in the past, and not feeling as though she could get the coverage she wanted from traditional insurance policies, a chance conversation with her friend led her to MyWay.

“To me it was a complete no brainer. At my age you need services like this that let you know what’s going on inside and out. With MyWay I don’t have to worry.”

Claire signed up for Circle Health Group’s hospital subscription service in July 2023 after she discussed with a friend some concerns she was having regarding her health.

“I had always been health conscious,” Claire explained. “I carefully watch what I eat and try and exercise as much as possible. But when I turned 58 and issues started to appear I became worried about the future.”

Claire was no stranger to private healthcare. Having previously used health insurance policies offered by a leading provider, she knew how effective having fast and effective access to leading hospital services could be.

“A very long time ago I used to have a private medical insurance policy but didn’t use it after the premiums went up. It wasn’t an option for me now and it can be complex to make sense of all the different offerings out there,” Claire reflected.

Claire added, “MyWay has been a revelation. This is a very different experience.”

Following up on her friend's recommendation, Claire signed up for the subscription, inputting her information into the easy-to-use portal on the MyWay website.

“The sign-up took minutes. I wasn’t worried about the mandatory 30 day period before I could use the full extent of the member benefits as I didn’t have any immediate health concerns that I needed to discuss. It was so easy. There weren’t any invasive questions, and I didn’t have to share my full health history,” said Claire.

The MyWay subscription Claire signed up for gave her access to unlimited private GP appointments, consultations with Circle Health Group’s leading specialists and diagnostic services. Having guaranteed access to primary care services, was of particular interest to Claire and a key motivating factor in her decision to choose MyWay as her health subscription of choice.

Commenting on this, Claire said, “Trying to get an appointment with My GP has been a real challenge. Unless you are in the queue first thing in the morning it won’t happen. More often than not I have found myself waiting at 8am for someone to answer.”

She added, “The private GP provided by MyWay has been incredible. Nothing has been rushed and they really hear you.”

Claire was referred by the virtual GP to see a Cardiologist at The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor. Claire was fortunate that her local Circle Health Group hospital was only 20 minutes from her home. This gave her the confidence that she would not have to travel long distances to get the answers she needed to make informed decisions about her health.

“My first port of call was to see a Cardiologist once I’d been referred by the GP. The Cardiologist arranged an echocardiogram. I have a family history with heart related conditions, so it was very reassuring to know there weren’t any issues”, Claire explained.

Claire explained how having access to a subscription like MyWay relieves a lot of the pressures and anxiety associated with accessing healthcare services.

“I don’t have to worry about getting the answers I need, and because of the way the subscription works, the cost and the worry is all taken care of well in advance of an appointment. I’ve had tests now that normally would have cost me an arm and a leg.”

The revolutionary MyWay subscription service is particularly important for people like Claire who are aware of a family history with certain conditions. It’s reassuring to know the membership will cover access to specialist advice via a GP referral should they present any concerning symptoms.

“Information is power, without your health you have nothing”, Claire said.

She went onto explain how accessing Circle Health Group’s award-winning hospital services had improved her quality of life.

“On my maternal side, I have had family members develop dementia. I know that if I need to, I can pick up the phone and get guidance on what to do should I develop any symptoms. Having that level of assurance is an incredibly powerful thing.”

“I am going to see a dermatologist about a lump on my eye, following a GP referral. I may not need surgery, but the option is there to make use of a discount of up to ten percent if I do need an operation to rectify any problems. I know I am covered, and that the subscription will cover every aspect of my diagnosis and help with the onward treatment.”

Claire is one of the countless number of MyWay subscribers across the country that should they need surgery or further treatment, they are guaranteed a significant discount off hospital treatment at any Circle Health Group Hospital.

MyWay gives subscribers the confidence that their treatment does not end with a diagnosis. The patient’s care is continued with Circle Health Group and MyWay supporting them every step of the way.

When asked to sum up what being a MyWay Member meant to her, Claire explained: “I have been recommending this to friends, family and everybody I come across. It’s not something I anticipated ever using but it has honestly been a revelation in my life. Every interaction with staff, consultants and MyWay has been a pleasant experience.”

MyWay is a first of its kind health subscription service giving people access to award-winning diagnostic and hospital services in the UK.

Claire is just one patient who has been able to get the answers she needs to make informed decisions about her health. A MyWay subscription isn’t just for those moments when you need to see a consultant specialist and have a test or a scan. MyWay is a tool that enables you to live your life without the fear of excessive waits or incomplete information.

From as little as £19.99 a month, your diagnostic and specialist advice is taken care of with the backing of the UK’s largest private hospital operator. Find out more about MyWay and how it can transform your health and wellbeing.