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Back pain

Get fast access to effective treatment for back pain in Bromley

At The Sloane Hospital in Bromley, we offer fast access to specialist treatment for back pain for people living in Bromley and the surrounding regions of South London. On this page, we share more information about:

  • The different types of back pain
  • Common causes of back pain
  • How back pain is assessed and diagnosed
  • Treatments available for back pain
  • Back pain treatment prices in Bromley
  • How to book a private consultation quickly and easily

We know how challenging living with back pain can be, and we're here to help. If your back pain is becoming difficult to manage, you can book a private consultation at The Sloane Hospital in Bromley for expert assessment and fast access to tailored treatment. You can book your consultation:

  • Online
  • Or, by phoning us on 0208 003 4740

Back pain can be incredibly disruptive and challenging. It has many causes, and getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step in ensuring you receive the most appropriate treatment. While a GP or physiotherapist can be extremely helpful in many cases, it is sensible to see a doctor who specialises in back pain for longer-term or more persistent back problems.

At The Sloane Hospital, our network of experienced orthopaedic consultants provide assessment, diagnosis and tailored treatment for people struggling with back pain. We asked one of our dedicated consultants to describe their work, so you can understand their goals and experience a little better:

"Whenever I see anybody with back pain, my goal is to minimise their pain, increase their function and improve their overall quality of life. Whether you are suffering with spinal pain, ongoing headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, referred pain in your arm or leg, pelvic pain or cancer pain, help is available.

With fast access to the latest treatments, comprehensive and tailored care, and rapid referral to specialists in other fields if needed, I will help you return to your normal activities as fully and quickly as possible.

Back pain can occur in your neck, middle back, or lower back. People experience back pain in different ways, and the way they describe their pain will often help a consultant narrow down its possible causes. Common ways people describe their back pain include:

  • Sharp and/or severe back pain
  • Dull/aching pain
  • Constant or intermittent pain
  • A general, widespread pain or pain only in one specific point (also known as localised pain)
  • Pain that gets worse after certain activities or exercises

Sometimes, a problem in the back will cause symptoms elsewhere, including:

  • Referred pain (pain in the hip, buttock or thigh)
  • Numbness or weakness in one or both legs

Back pain can become worse over time or occur very quickly, without warning. This depends on the cause.

Sometimes, people with back pain will know exactly what has caused it. This is often when back pain is the direct result of an obvious action, such as:

  • A sports injury
  • Whiplash from a road traffic accident
  • Lifting a heavy weight, either while the back is positioned poorly or when the body is not strong enough to safely lift such a weight
  • Increasing activity levels too quickly, before the body has had the opportunity to adjust

The lumbar discs (which act like shock absorbers between the vertebrae) will often degenerate because of ageing. This degeneration can eventually lead to back pain if nerves become pinched as the gap between the vertebrae is reduced.

Small joints in the spine (facet joints) may also cause problems, as can the sacroiliac iliac (SI) joints that link the pelvis to the lower spine.

In other cases, there may be no obvious cause for the back pain.

If the pain is relatively mild or short-lived, it may be easy to dismiss or ignore. When the pain is more severe and debilitating, it can be much harder to ignore.

Whatever the cause of your back pain, whether known or unknown, our consultants at The Sloane Hospital will carry out a comprehensive assessment to confirm a diagnosis, and then tailor a treatment plan for your specific needs. If you have had any type of pain in your back for more than six weeks, it is sensible to see a doctor for their trusted assessment and advice. Similarly, if your pain is severe or particularly limiting, expert guidance at an earlier stage can help give you clarity about the best way forward.

When you first visit us at The Sloane Hospital for a private consultation, you will meet with your consultant to discuss your back pain. They will ask you questions about when you first noticed the pain, whether there was an obvious cause, whether it has been getting worse, and how it is your affecting daily life.

Nobody knows your back pain like you do, so this conversation is your opportunity to explain the impact it is having on you and to discuss any concerns you might have.

During this consultation, your consultant will normally carry out a clinical examination of the whole of your spine. They may also examine your hip, leg and knee if you’re getting any pain in these areas, or if they suspect your back pain may be caused by a problem in them (this is known as referred pain).

This may be all that is needed to confirm a diagnosis, although diagnostic imaging will often also be needed. MRI is particularly helpful for many spinal problems, while CT and X-rays can also be useful. If any imaging is needed, your consultant will arrange it for you.

Once the results of any investigations are back, your consultant will meet with you to discuss the diagnosis and talk through treatment options with you.

Many people with back pain find that the right treatment significantly eases their symptoms and improves their quality of life.

Treatment for back pain available at The Sloane Hospital include:

  • Medication: your GP may have started you with these, and your consultant can adjust a prescription to a more powerful pain medication if appropriate
  • Spinal injections: these may be diagnostic to help determine the cause of your pain, or therapeutic to treat the pain
  • Surgery: if surgery is advised, your consultant will refer you to a spinal surgeon in the hospital. It should be noted that surgery is only used when other treatments are not able to suitably manage your pain

Details of the fixed price treatment packages at The Sloane Hospital can be seen on our treatment prices page.

Located in Beckenham, Kent, we are specialists in treating back pain, and have helped many people in Bromley escape their pain and return to normal life. We would be privileged to help you too. When you choose The Sloane Hospital for your private care, you will benefit from:

Rapid access

Whether back pain is limiting your mobility, keeping you awake at night, or stopping you from doing the things you want to do, you won’t want to be waiting months to see somebody for help. We can book you an appointment with a highly experienced back pain specialist for comprehensive (and rapid) assessment and treatment, so you will get the help you need much more quickly than may be available elsewhere.

Consultant-led care

You will always see the same consultant when you visit us, and they will oversee every aspect of your care, from initial appointment through to post-treatment follow-up. This makes it easy to know who to contact if you have any queries or would like to arrange a follow-up consultation.

Tailored treatment

The most effective back pain relief comes from a bespoke approach to treatment and recovery. Your consultant will tailor treatment and any rehabilitation programme to your specific needs and monitor your progress to ensure you continue seeing the best result possible.

Experienced staff

Your consultant works with an experienced team of healthcare professionals including radiologists, spinal surgeons, anaesthetists and physiotherapists. With fast access to this wider team, you will always see the most appropriate person for your needs at every stage.


The Sloane Hospital is in Beckenham, Kent and easily accessible by both road and rail. If you’re driving to us from Bromley, it’s around a 20-minute journey. Our car park is free for patients.

When you choose to go private with Circle Health Group, you can expect:   

  • Flexible appointment times to fit your schedule
  • The freedom to choose your hospital and your consultant
  • Bespoke, consultant-led treatment plans tailored to your individual needs  
  • Private en-suite rooms as standard 
  • Tasty and nutritious meals cooked onsite to your dietary requirements
  • Support from the same compassionate clinical team from beginning to end  
  • Affordable, fixed-price packages with aftercare included  
  • Flexible payment options to help spread the cost of your care

If you want to know more about back pain treatment with Circle Health Group, book your appointment online today or call a member of our team directly on 0141 300 5009.

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