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Healthy skin is important to our overall wellbeing, fitness and vitality

We understand that certain skin conditions may cause you to worry or feel self-conscious. At The Lincoln Hospital our experienced dermatologist can offer a quick diagnosis and treatment for various skin conditions. These may include skin cancer, moles, eczema, acne, skin tags or age related changes.

Dermatology services and treatments, at The Lincoln Hospital, include:

Skin lesion removal

Skin tag removal is recommended to patients who would like to remove an unwanted skin growth on their skin. This procedure can also be used to remove warts, cysts and moles.

A consultant dermatologist will remove your unwanted skin growth with great care to minimise the risk of scarring the skin.

Mole removal

Our experienced dermatologist understands that moles can look unsightly and may cause you irritation when catching on clothes. As a result, our dermatologist will remove your unwanted mole with care and minimal scarring.

If the mole has changed in size, shape or colour, your dermatologist may recommend a skin biopsy.

Skin biopsy

A skin biopsy is used to investigate any abnormalities on the skin. A skin biopsy may be used for patients who have an abnormal blister or a mole that has changed in size, shape or colour to determine whether the area is cancerous. A small tissue sample will be taken and sent to the laboratory for further testing.

Removal of lipoma

A lipoma is a benign (non-cancerous) tumour made up of fatty tissue. The procedures used to remove a lipoma will depend its nature and location on your body. They can usually be removed easily, using a local anaesthetic to numb your skin.

Specialists offering Dermatology

Dr Neill C Hepburn

Consultant Dermatologist

BSc (Hons), MBChB (Hons), MD, MBA, FRCP (Lond), FRCP (Edin)

The Lincoln Hospital

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