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Shoulder surgery

Struggling with a shoulder or elbow problem? We can help.

Shoulder pain can range from mild to excruciatingly painful. It can be caused by various conditions, for example: 

  • Shoulder bursitis 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder 
  • A fractured shoulder 
  • Frozen shoulder 
  • Torn cartilage in your shoulder 

Living with shoulder pain can make simple tasks, such as brushing your hair or even just getting dressed, feel like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available to help eliminate shoulder pain.  

When you choose to go private at The Beaumont Hospital, you get access to fast, effective shoulder treatment with a Consultant of your choice. We will work quickly to treat, manage and even eliminate your shoulder pain. 

We offer a range of services to those suffering with debilitating shoulder pain. These include: 

Shoulder manipulation for frozen shoulder ranging starting £1,860*

Frozen shoulder causes severe stiffness and reduced mobility in your shoulder joint. Shoulder manipulation is a non-invasive procedure during which your Orthopaedic Surgeon will gently manipulate (move) your frozen shoulder through a variety of motions to improve mobility and reduce discomfort. 

Shoulder replacement starting from £11,695*

The type of shoulder replacement surgery that you will require will depend on the condition of your shoulder. Your Orthopaedic Surgeon could perform partial shoulder replacement surgery, when the head of your humerus (upper arm bone) that forms the ball of your shoulder joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis. In other cases, your Surgeon will also replace the socket of your shoulder joint with a prosthesis. This is known as a total shoulder replacement. Your Consultant will ensure you know what to expect from your shoulder replacement surgery before it happens. 

Surgery for a dislocated shoulder starting from £6,035*

When your shoulder is dislocated, your humerus or upper arm bone is either partially or completely removed from its socket in your shoulder blade. 

Your Orthopaedic Surgeon will manipulate your shoulder and return your humerus to its usual position through a non-surgical technique known as reduction. This involves gently moving your arm around your shoulder joint until it fits back into your socket. 

However, in some instances your shoulder will have been damaged by the dislocation. If this is the case, we will recommend surgery to repair the damage, reducing the risk of further dislocations in future.  

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery starting from £4,831*

This is a form of keyhole surgery to examine the inside of your shoulder joint, helping diagnose and treat a range of problems. A camera will be inserted through very small incisions in your shoulder to help diagnose the problems you are having. If possible, your Orthopaedic Surgeon will also perform treatment during the procedure. 

*The prices that are shown above are an estimate for self-pay customers. The final cost of your knee treatment will always be confirmed in writing after your consultation. Further terms and conditions apply. 

At The Beaumont Hospital, we help people based in Bolton, Manchester and further afield. 

There are many ways you could benefit from choosing to have treatment with us, including: 

  • A team of chartered and state registered Physiotherapists to help you regain strength and mobility after surgery 
  • Onsite diagnostic testing and the latest technology to ensure you receive a quick and accurate diagnosis, including MRI and CT scanning 
  • Free, easy-to-access parking around the clock 
  • En-suite hospital rooms with Wi-Fi, a TV and telephone 
  • Personalised treatment plans tailored to your individual needs 

When you go private with us, you can expect:  

  • Flexible payment options to spread the cost of your care 
  • Appointment times and locations to fit your routine 
  • The freedom to choose which hospital and Consultant suits your needs 
  • Affordable, fixed-price packages with aftercare included  
  • Flexible payment options to spread the cost of your care 
  • Comfortable and safe private facilities maintained by expert multidisciplinary teams 
  • Support by the same expert clinical team from beginning to end 

Fast treatment is here when you need it. 

Start your journey with us by booking an appointment online or phoning a member of our advisory team on 01204 404404.

Specialists offering Private shoulder surgery

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