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Sarcoma clinic in Manchester

The  Alexandra has a rapid access lumps and bumps clinic for insured and self-funding patients based in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

Sarcomas are rare soft tissue or bone tumours, usually found on the arms, legs and torso but can affect any part of the body which contains supporting or connective tissue. They form 1% of all malignant tumours.

The Sarcoma team are the regional experts in assessing and diagnosing any concerning lump. However benign it may appear all cases are advised to be sent to the team for assessment if it fulfills the criteria.

The Alexandra has a rapid access lumps and bumps clinic for insured and self-funding patients providing urgent consultations, diagnostics and results every week. The patient can be referred by a GP, Specialist or other health professional, or may even self refer.

Features to watch out for in soft tissue sarcomas are a large lump (usually larger than a golf ball), increasing size, painful and deep-seated, but not always. They can however start of as very small innocent benign looking superficial lumps. 

Bone tumours may present with insidious unexplained bone pain, a mass and suspicious radiographic changes. If there’s a history of cancer, bone metastases may also present this way. 

Early detection and diagnosis is paramount in improving the outcomes in such patients. It is recommended an early referral via a 2-week wait suspected cancer form is made or discussion with the sarcoma team. 

The patient will be assessed by private Consultant Orthopaedic Sarcoma surgeon Mr Amit Kumar, and will be able to have initial imaging within the hour by Ultrasound by a Sarcoma radiologist. The results will be instantly available and management plan made for the patient.

On occasion further investigation at the same sitting such as an MRI scan is possible and tissue biopsy can also be performed. 

The clinic is supported by a Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and in most instances cases will be discussed at a Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) meeting if suspicious.

Accessing private healthcare is easy, whether you choose to pay directly or use private medical insurance.

If you are paying for yourself, we can usually offer an upfront cost which you can then choose to pay in full or access one of our easy payment options.

If you have insurance, we can arrange direct settlement with your insurance provider, although you should check in advance to see if your treatment is covered. For more information, visit our private medical insurance page.