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Private Endocrinology Services at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead in Glasgow.

The Endocrinology specialists at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead diagnose and treat a variety of disorders of the endocrine system, the system that controls hormones.

If you’re suffering from any symptoms relating to your hormones, for example symptoms of overactive thyroid or underactive thyroid, you’ll be hoping to receive quick treatment from expert consultants.

The private Consultant Endocrinologists we work with are experts in their field and will take the necessary time to discuss and investigate your concerns before developing a diagnostic and treatment plan tailored to you.

Should onward or alternative treatment be required, the consultants also have direct access to a multidisciplinary team of leading specialists within the hospital to provide a highly comprehensive private service.

As a patient you’ll benefit from advanced diagnostics using cutting-edge technology, modern facilities and the highest standard of comfort and cleanliness available. You will also benefit from our private on-site pathology laboratory for the fast analysis of blood & tissue and state of the art Radiology facilities.

Book your initial appointment at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead’s comprehensive endocrinology facility today.

The endocrine system comprises glands that produce and secrete hormones. The hormones act as messengers, controlling various bodily functions such as metabolism, blood sugar regulation, reproduction, growth, sexual development, vision, and nerve function.

There are many glands of the endocrine system and include the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries and testes.

Endocrine diseases develop when these glands don’t produce the right amount of hormone necessary for normal function. When there’s an imbalance of hormones in the human body, they can cause symptoms, disorders and disease, including diabetes, thyroid conditions, obesity, infertility, cancer, and bone problems.

Endocrinologists diagnose and treat hormone disorders by restoring the normal balance in the body.

Due to the range of conditions caused by hormonal imbalance, the list of possible symptoms is quite extensive. The consultants we work with regularly see patients who are experiencing some of the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Loss of stamina or fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Chronic acne
  • Hair loss 
  • Hirsutism
  • Irregular periods
  • Painful or discharging breasts
  • Lower sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Recurrent fractures

Your consultant will be able to arrange the appropriate investigative tests required for a quick and accurate diagnosis. Before commencing treatment, we routinely conduct further tests on patients experiencing the above, utilising ultrasound, CT or MRI scans and various blood tests.

Some of the most common conditions treated by the endocrinologists at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead are:

  • Overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism)
  • Underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism)
  • Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • High or low calcium levels
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Bone problems or osteoporosis
  • Elevated prolactin
  • Parathyroid hormone disorders
  • Menopause disorders
  • Growth disorders
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Addison’s disease

Whatever the severity of your condition, diagnosis and treatment will be tailored to you and conducted by professional endocrinology consultants along with the experienced multidisciplinary team at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead.

When you book your initial consultation at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead, our enquiries team will give you all the information you need to choose the right endocrinology consultant for your needs and offer an appointment at a time to suit you.

Your consultant will first take an account of your symptoms before performing a thorough physical examination. They will then learn about your and your family’s medical history, including previous symptoms and related conditions.

This information will allow them to develop an accurate risk profile for your circumstances and request the most appropriate diagnostic tests to identify your condition.

At Ross Hall Clinic Braehead, our patients have access to a highly comprehensive service for private endocrinology diagnostics.

These are some common tests that your consultant may recommend:

  • Ultrasound scans - An ultrasound provides a detailed image of your thyroid, enabling increased diagnostic certainty, improved efficiency and a decrease in complications.

  • Blood tests - Used to check your thyroid, determine the levels of various hormones in your body, and examine that the endocrine glands are working correctly.

  • CT or MRI scans - These imaging techniques are required to adequately visualise some glands like the pituitary, pancreas and adrenals. Now, 4D CT scans are available at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead.

Depending on the scan or test needed, it might be possible for you to have it on the same day as your initial consultation, but usually, we would arrange it for a few days after your initial appointment at a time and day that suits you.

A follow-up appointment will be arranged with your consultant to discuss the results and determine the best form of treatment for you. Whatever the next steps, we’ll provide clarity and answer any questions you might have to put you at ease.

One of the most common conditions to see an endocrinologist for is diabetes. The endocrinologists at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead see patients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and offer both diagnosis and ongoing management of the condition.

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes or if you have had diabetes for a while, your consultant will be able to offer you a complete service for reviewing and managing your condition. You will receive complete consultant-led care, a tailored treatment plan and an annual review package to make sure you are always following the most optimal diabetes management plan.

Your annual diabetes check includes:

  • Screening for complications
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Foot examination
  • Eye examination (if necessary)

This service offers fantastic benefits to patients including comprehensive consultant-led care, fast access to all necessary scans and tests, and a range of services all available under one roof.

The endocrinology department at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead utilises modern facilities to effectively and accurately diagnose, treat and manage conditions resulting from a problematic thyroid and hormone imbalances, including diabetes, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Whether you have made a self-referral to our endocrinology unit, have been referred by a GP or another specialty at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead, you will receive exceptional private care from the experienced and friendly consultants.

The consultants are supported by a wider team within the hospital who will ensure you receive tailored treatment and will be there to comfort and reassure you from initial consultation and diagnosis to treatment and throughout the lifespan of your condition.

At Ross Hall Clinic Braehead, we are proud of our endocrinology services and are able to offer:

  • A multidisciplinary team - Because of the wide variety of symptoms experienced by patients in this medical specialty, the endocrinology consultants work in unison with a multidisciplinary team of specialists to provide the most comprehensive and effective care possible.

  • Comprehensive diabetes care - The endocrinology consultants and hospital team at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead are vastly experienced in offering fast, direct and accurate diagnostics and treatment for patients suffering from type 1 or 2 diabetes. Your consultant will offer you a complete service for reviewing and managing your diabetes with annual diabetes checks.

  • Fast access to diagnosis and treatment - We offer flexible appointments with leading endocrinologists at short notice, often within 48 hours. Appropriate diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound scans and blood tests are usually able to be booked immediately following your initial or follow-up consultation for a later date.

We understand that symptoms associated with endocrinology are unpleasant and can stop you from enjoying your daily life, which is why at Ross Hall Clinic Braehead our professional team is here to help you through every stage of your journey. Give us a call or book online today.

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