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Travel clinic

Our dedicated Travel Clinic for vaccinations and more

If you’re planning a trip overseas, it’s important to find out whether you need any vaccinations. At Albyn Hospital we have a dedicated Private Travel Clinic for patients to prepare you for your travels.

When travelling to certain areas of the world, you’re at risk of contracting illnesses that have not been covered through the UK childhood vaccination programme.

This is why it’s important to get the necessary vaccination that will help boost your body’s immunity towards those specific diseases and infections.


You should seek travel health advice at least eight weeks before your trip. This is because some vaccinations will need to be given in advance.

Please inform the consultant before getting the injections if:

  • You’re pregnant or you think you might be pregnant
  • You’re breastfeeding
  • You have a health condition that affects your immune system, such as HIV or AIDS
  • You’ve recently had a bone marrow or organ transplant
  • You’re receiving a treatment that affects your immune system, such as chemotherapy

 Flu £18.00
 Rabies £81.00
 Hepatitis A  £91.00
 Hepatitis A & B  £99.50
 Typhoid   £44.50
 Yellow Fever   £71.00
 Hepatitis A & Typhoid  £112.50
 Hepatitis B  £55.50
 Japanese Encephalitis  £104.00
 Meningitis ACWY  £91.00
 Cholera   £82.00
 Dip, Tetanus & Polio  £48.00
 Malerone  £3.70 each
 MMR  £62.00
 Chickenpox   £48.07

We also offer personalised travel advice where our staff can answer any queries you may have, and a comprehensive risk assessment to make sure you receive all the vaccinations needed, a record of the vaccinations you’ve received and a vaccination certificate if it’s necessary for your travel destination.

Above prices are correct as from October 2021, but are subject to change without prior notice. Nurses consultation fees are not included. 

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If you have insurance, we can arrange direct settlement with your insurance provider, although you should check in advance to see if your treatment is covered. For more information, visit our private medical insurance page.