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Breast Clinic

Diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer

Albyn Hospital offers patients access to consultation, diagnostics and results for breast cancer in the same one-day appointment. 

The care begins with our one-stop breast clinic where our multidisciplinary team are dedicated to providing personalised care in a reassuring and friendly environment. 

Our Consultant Breast Surgeons and Consultant Clinical Oncologist have a wealth of experience, and together with the rest of the multidisciplinary team in the breast clinic, they will work with the patient to plan a bespoke treatment schedule. Treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer can be carried out on site.

Patients come to breast clinic at Albyn Hospital because they have concerns about their breast.

It is normal for breasts to change with your menstrual cycle where many healthy women find that their breasts feel lumpy and tender just before their period. However, it is always advised that you get any unusual lumps checked out by a doctor, particularly if they don’t go away after your period.

A symptom of breast cancer is a noticeable lump or a thickened area of tissue in the breast. Other symptoms include a discharge coming from their nipple, a change in size or shape of the breast, experiencing breast pain or perhaps have dimpling or a rash on or around the nipple.

The only way to know for sure whether a breast lump is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant is to get examined by a doctor or consultant.

The clinics are consultant-led; meaning patients are seen by the same consultant throughout their treatment journey.

Patients have the option to book an appointment directly with one of our breast consultants for an initial examination, or alternatively, ask your GP for an urgent referral to our breast clinic at Albyn Hospital.

During the consultation, the Consultant Oncoplastic Breast surgeon will examine your breasts and will discuss the symptoms with you. A specialist breast nurse can be present to provide extra support during this initial consultation. If required, the consultant will then arrange imaging investigations.

Our expert team uses a combination of diagnostic imaging tools and techniques to detect, diagnose, and stage breast cancer. These studies may include:

  • Digital mammography
  • CT scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Histopathology
  • Blood tests
  • Biopsy

If patients are above the age of 35, the team would normally carry out mammograms and ultrasounds, if needed. If patients are aged below 35, then only an ultrasound is carried out.

Our one-stop breast clinic utilises the expertise of the multidisciplinary team to assess patients' needs and deliver same day results to relieve any anxiety and undue stress.

  • Consultant breast surgeons
  • Consultant breast Radiologists
  • Cytopathologists
  • Oncologist
  • Mammographers
  • Specialist breast care nurses
  • Oncology specialist nurse

The imaging results will determine whether further investigations are required. This may include a tissue biopsy or a fine needle aspiration. You will then either be discharged or invited to come back after a couple of weeks to discuss treatment following a biopsy.


Patients are advised to allow 2 to 3 hours to complete the initial appointment.


Should you need treatment, you will be fully supported by the multidisciplinary team, where they meet regularly to discuss patients with breast cancer diagnosis to agree the best course of treatment.


Surgery for benign breast problems is to treat the condition with as little effect on the breast as possible. This means minimising scarring and lessening the extent of surgery to no more than what is necessary. In many situations, such surgery can be offered under local anaesthetic or a very short day case under general anaesthetic.

Should surgery be required, advancement in medical science and techniques can allow for the removal of a tumour without having to lose the breast.  (Oncoplastic breast surgery involves incising a tumour oncologically and reshaping the breasts). For female patients who have a larger cup size, the surgeons at Albyn Hospital are able to perform a breast reduction and remove the tumour at the same time if necessary.

The administration of chemotherapy and support therapies is delivered by our team of skilled, experienced oncology specialist nurses and consultant oncologist in the Sunflower Suite (outpatient oncology suite).

If a patient requires radiotherapy they will be referred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to continue their private treatment, remaining under the continued care of their oncology consultant.

During the clinic, patients are fully supported by our Oncology Specialist nurses. They will help you understand the diagnosis, the treatment and support you and your family through each stage of the treatment. They are also supported by a trained and experienced Reflexologist to supplement ongoing clinical treatment.

The breast clinic at Albyn Hospital has a close relationship with local cancer support groups and charities in and around Aberdeen/shire and the North of Scotland, and can make appropriate referrals to them for ongoing support.

The Sunflower Suite has recently been awarded the Macmillan Quality Environmental Mark (MQEM) – a quality framework that recognises cancer environments that go above and beyond in the way they create their service that understands the needs of patients. 

At a glance, here are some reasons why you might want to choose Albyn Hospital for breast oncology consultations or surgery:

  • A one-stop breast clinic -in one same day appointment you will have your consultation, tests and initial results.
  • A multidisciplinary team – Within oncoplastic breast surgery specifically, ours is a multidisciplinary team, who meet once a week with a radiologist, pathologist and oncologist, in the presence of specialist nurses within oncology and breast surgery. We will discuss all the patients that have had images or biopsies done, which means when the patient comes back to see the consultant, they don’t just have the opinion of one person; they have the opinion of everyone.
  • Flexible appointments and shorter waiting times – At Albyn Hospital, waiting times are short and appointment times are flexible.
  • Consultant-led appointments – Your appointment will be Consultant-led, and you will see the same consultant each time you visit.
  • Patient satisfaction and personalised care – Albyn Hospital has been awarded a 99.1% patient satisfaction score, with the results compiled by independent agency, Quality Health.
  • Remote consultations – You may have the opportunity to use a platform like Microsoft Teams to chat to a consultant from the comfort of your home, or via telephone.
  • Private Medical insurance- we work with all major UK private medical insurer companies and a wide range of international insurance providers

*During the period of January to December 2022, Albyn Hospital received 2,006 completed Inpatient/Day Case patient surveys.

If you would like to make an appointment with our Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon here at Albyn Hospital, simply call our friendly team on 01224 595993

You can also book an initial appointment by using our handy online booking system.


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