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Reconstruction and correction of scars

Scar revision is performed to correct and reconstruct a scar in order to improve its condition and movement.

Healed burn on a patient's back after reconstruction and correction of the scar

What does reconstruction and correction of scars involve?

The scar is corrected or lengthened and healthy tissue in the form of adjacent local flaps of skin and underlying tissue or skin grafts, is used to fill the space produced by release of the scar. 

What are the benefits of reconstruction and correction of scars?

Relief of tightness, increased movement, improved stability, robustness of tissue and often an additional benefit of improved cosmesis.  This type of procedure is particularly important around the eyes, the mouth and in the hands and limbs in general, where scarring can restrict movement and impair vision, mouth function and limb function respectively. 

Burn wound/scar excision, trunk & limbs (not more than 2% body surface area)

Please be aware that the following prices are a guide price. Your final price will be confirmed in writing following your consultation and any necessary diagnostic tests.

Patient pathway Initial consultation Diagnostic Investigations Main treatment Post discharge care Guide price
Hospital fees N/A Not included £2,700 Included £2,700
Consultants fees from £200 N/A Included Included £200
Guide price £2,900

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