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Laparoscopic ileoanal pouch surgery

If you have had a colectomy, the laparoscopic ileoanal pouch surgery is a minimally invasive way for you to have more stool storage space.

Terrible stomachache

A laparoscopic ileoanal pouch surgery is a procedure performed for patients who have had their colon and rectum removed (colectomy).

The surgery involves making 4 small cuts in the abdomen and joining the existing ileostomy to the anal canal. An ileoanal reservoir (or pouch) is surgically constructed from the bottom portion of the small bowel and is connected onto the top of the anus. This pouch provides a storage place for stool in the absence of the large intestine.

The surgery time is usually around 3-4 hours. As it is a major operation, patients are required to stay in hospital for about one week.

Following discharge, patients should not do any heavy lifting and are encouraged to keep mobile.

Specialists offering Laparoscopic ileoanal pouch surgery

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Mr Kumaran Thiruppathy

Consultant General, Colorectal Surgeon

BSc Hon, MBBS, M.Phil, MA, FRCS

Circle Reading Hospital

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Mr Bala Piramanayagam

Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon

MS,FRCS Ed, FRCS (Gen Surg)

The Meriden Hospital

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Mr Yasser Mohsen

Consultant Surgeon


Bishops Wood Hospital 1 more The Clementine Churchill Hospital

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Mr Joseph Crozier

Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon

MB ChB, MRCS, FRCS (general surgery), MD

Kings Park Hospital

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Mr Piero Nastro

Laparoscopic, General and Colorectal Consultant Surgeon

MD, MRCS (England), FRCS

The Blackheath Hospital

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Mr Rajan Kumar Patel

Consultant General Surgeon


The Priory Hospital

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