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Vaginal hysterectomy (uterus removal) surgery

You may need a vaginal hysterectomy (uterus removal) surgery if you have heavy periods, fibroids or uterine prolapse. Book online today.

Hysterectomy describes the surgical removal of your womb (also known as your uterus). This is most commonly performed to treat problems that affect the female reproductive system.  

There are three main types of hysterectomy operation: 

  • Vaginal hysterectomy 
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy  
  • Abdominal hysterectomy 

The type you have will depend on various factors, from your age and weight, to the reasons you are having the operation (the condition you live with). A hysterectomy will typically be performed by a consultant gynaecologist, who might also be referred to as a gynaecological surgeon.  

At Circle Health Group, we understand that the reason for undergoing a hysterectomy often causes immense emotional challenges as well as physical, and that the prospect of having a hysterectomy can be unnerving.  

Our network of consultant gynaecologists is here to support you emotionally and physically throughout your journey to better health, ensuring you experience outstanding care before, during and after surgery. You will be treated by a consultant-led, multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are all committed to delivering excellent, tailored-to-you care that puts your needs first. 

A vaginal hysterectomy starts from £8,825*.

Our price package includes the cost of your surgery and all appropriate aftercare appointments. Our costs include all surgery fees and aftercare appointments with our Consultants.

However, any pre-surgery diagnostic tests and your consultant’s outpatient appointment consultation fee are charged separately. We provide fixed term monthly payment plans over one to five years with no deposit required. If you decide to pay over 12 months, you will pay interest-free. If you are paying for a longer period, you will pay 9.9% APR.

Our flexible payment options help you spread the cost of your payment across a time period that suits you. More details on our flexible payment options can be found here.

*This is a guide price for patients who are paying for their own treatment. The actual cost of your treatment will be confirmed in writing at the time of booking.

You can usually see a consultant gynaecologist for your initial consultation within 48 hours of booking your appointment with us.  

At this first appointment, your consultant will ask about your general health and examine your medical history. They will want to know about existing medical conditions you suffer from, as well as the current symptoms you are experiencing. They will also want to know how these symptoms impact your everyday life, how often they occur, and whether you have tried treatment options for them already.  

Next, your consultant will gently carry out a physical examination of your pelvis to check for any points of tenderness or visible problems, such as lesions or cysts. If a problem is found, your consultant will organise further testing.  

This might include an ultrasound scan, which offers your consultant the best digital view of your reproductive organs. Or you may need to have a laparoscopy, which allows your consultant to look inside your stomach, using a very small camera. The latter procedure is necessary to conclusively diagnose conditions including endometriosis and ovarian cysts. It’s a surgical procedure that our gynaecologists perform very regularly at Circle Health Group. 

It is important to remember that your initial consultation is a positive step in your journey toward better health. Your consultant is there to answer any questions you might have about your condition(s) and ease any concerns you might experience about undergoing hysterectomy surgery. We understand that making the decision to have a hysterectomy is a major one, and we welcome any questions you might have about the procedure, however trivial they might seem. 

The wait between your initial consultation and undergoing treatment depends on your individual circumstances and whether you have been diagnosed with a gynaecological condition. When you go private with Circle health Group, our team will book you in for surgery as soon as is necessary, and we don’t cancel or rearrange operations except in extreme circumstances.  

After your initial consultation, our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals will ensure you understand the next steps in your journey and how to prepare for surgery, if needed. 

A hysterectomy may cure or improve your symptoms. You will no longer have periods.

Symptoms of a uterine prolapse may be improved by doing pelvic floor exercises.

Heavy periods can be treated using oral medications, a hormonal coil in the uterus, or by removing only the lining of the womb.

Depending on the size and position of fibroids, medication can be taken to try to control the symptoms. Other treatments include surgery to remove the fibroids only or uterine artery embolisation to reduce the blood flow to the fibroids.

You will be able to go home after one to four days.

For the first two weeks at home you should rest and continue to do the exercises that you were shown in hospital. You can usually go back to work after six to eight weeks.

After three months you should be feeling more or less back to normal.

Regular exercise should help you to return to normal activities as soon as possible. Before you start exercising, you should ask a member of the healthcare team or your GP for advice.

Vaginal hysterectomy costs are covered by most medical insurance policies, but please check with your insurer first. If you are paying for your own treatment the cost of the operation will be explained and confirmed in writing when you book the operation. Ask the hospital for a quote beforehand, and ensure that this includes the surgeon’s fee, the anaesthetist’s fee and the hospital charge for your procedure.


Author: Mr Jeremy Hawe MBChB MRCOG Illustrations: LifeART image copyright 2007 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. All rights reserved. This document is intended for information purposes only and should not replace advice that your relevant health professional would give you.

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When you choose to go private with Circle Health Group, you can expect:   

  • Flexible appointment times and locations to fit your routine  
  • The freedom to choose which hospital and Consultant suit your needs  
  • Personalised, Consultant-led treatment plans tailored to your individual needs  
  • Comfortable and safe private facilities maintained by expert multidisciplinary teams  
  • Support by the same compassionate clinical team from beginning to end  
  • Affordable, fixed-price packages with aftercare included  
  • Flexible payment options to spread the cost of your care

If you would like to learn more about this procedure, book your appointment online today or call a member of our team directly on 0141 300 5009.

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