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Hand and wrist splinting

Our specialist team of hand therapists are highly trained to make custom-made splints for many hand and wrist conditions.


Our specialist team of hand therapists are trained to the highest level to make custom made splints for many hand conditions. 

Splints can be used for many reasons.  Here are some examples of when you may need a splint designed and fitted for you:

  • To provide rest and support for healing tissues following injury or surgery
  • To support painful joints
  • To improve the movement in your hand, wrist or arm
  • To help you use your hand, wrist or arm for function

If your hand, wrist or arm requires a splint you may be provided with any one of the following materials which are chosen to match your particular needs.

  • Neoprene
  • Thermoplastic – this is a mouldable plastic which is cut to size and shape which becomes rigid after moulding to give a unique fit
  • Plaster of Paris

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