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How to pay your bill

Your guide to paying your bill for treatment at Circle Health Group, whether online, by phone or by post

If you would like to make a payment for a treatment you recently had, or you are about to have, you can use our quick and easy to use online payments page.

When paying online, we recommend you have your invoice to hand. This includes all the information you will need to fill in our online form, including your account number (our ref) and your invoice number.

*Please bear in mind that specific fees for an appointment with a consultant need to be paid directly to the consultant.

Payment for a treatment can be made at any time via our automated payment line on 0330 008 0457.

Please have your invoice to hand. One of our team members will ask you for the following information:

  • Account (EMPI) Number
  • Invoice Number or Three Digit Hospital Code
  • Payment Amount
  • Credit or Debit Card details

*Please bear in mind that specific fees for an appointment with a consultant need to be paid directly to the consultant.

To pay your bill by post, you can send a cheque made payable to Circle Health Group Limited to the address given on your invoice.

Please ensure that your hospital account number and invoice number (these can be found at the top of your invoice) are clearly written on the back of your cheque.

Additionally, it is very important to detach the remittance slip at the bottom of your invoice and send it with your cheque.

*Please bear in mind that specific fees for an appointment with a consultant need to be paid directly to the consultant.

Account queries

If you have a query regarding your account, please contact our BMI Business Services on 0161 216 2500 or email us at [email protected].

Our opening hours are from 9:00am until 17:00pm (Monday to Friday).

Insurance queries

Enquiries in relation to your insurance should be directed to your insurance company. It is important to check your cover with your insurance company before starting treatment.

If you attend one of our hospitals but don't stay overnight, you're classed as an outpatient. You might have an appointment to see a consultant, have a scan or other diagnostic test or to receive treatment.

As an outpatient you will usually get a bill at each point. Here is a quick overview:


Once you have attended an initial appointment with one of our consultants, you will usually receive a bill directly from the consultant.

Your Circle Health Group hospital can confirm ahead of your appointment whether this will be the case, as well as how much the initial consultation will cost. Please check with them when you make your initial appointment.

Outpatient diagnostics, scans and tests

When you attend a Circle Health Group hospital for a scan or other test, we will send you an invoice either before or after. We will have confirmed the price with you at time of booking.

At Circle Health Group, we require full payment for treatment in advance.

After your initial consultation with us, you will receive a quote from your Circle Health Group hospital. Someone from the hospital, usually a patient liaison officer, will contact you to talk you through the quote.

If you are happy with the quote, they will book you in and send you an information pack about your treatment and what to expect from your visit. This will offer a breakdown of costs, as well as what you need to know about any surgery you might be booked in for, and also what time you should arrive.

At this point, payment is due and needs to be paid at least seven days prior to your admission. If it isn't received, the hospital will usually call you to confirm you are happy to proceed and to collect payment.

Reminders and follow-ups

If you don't pay your bill straight away, we will send you a reminder email after 14 days, then a letter after 21 days.

If we have your payment details (credit or debit card), you do not need to take any action as we will try to take a payment on day 30.

If you choose a flexible payment option from Chrysalis Finance, the process is a little different. This means that you agree to monthly repayments over a period of your choice – from one to five years.

This means you don't have to worry about paying bills during your treatment journey.

Once you’ve had your initial consultation and been given a price for treatment (this will usually be a fixed-price package including aftercare), you can apply for a flexible payment plan via Chrysalis Finance.

If you are using private medical insurance for treatment, your provider will usually deal with bills and invoices. You will need to speak to them directly to find out about their specific payment process, and to ask about any excess on your claim that you are liable for.

They will usually send you a letter or email advising you on this and whether the excess payment is due to Circle Health Group directly or to them.