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Hand & wrist services

Expert care for hand & wrist concerns

About our Hand & Wrist Service

The Hand & Wrist Service is a team of highly dedicated and caring surgeons and therapists. Our specialist team, who are known throughout the world, take great pride in their work and use the most advanced techniques to improve the use of your hand, wrist and arm in a comfortable and caring environment.

We are deeply committed to our own professional development and learning. We are also actively involved in research and teaching both in the UK and internationally to support the professional development of others.  We combine clinical excellence and cutting edge research with result focused treatment. Mindful of your time, we offer flexible appointments at a wide range of locations throughout the UK.

Your hand is essential to your day-to-day way of life and our exceptional team will take the time to understand your needs and improve your function.

What is hand therapy?

Hand therapy is the assessment and rehabilitation of your hand, wrist and arm. Hand therapists are either occupational therapists or physiotherapists with many years of extra training to specialise in this complex and vital part of the body. Here are some examples of when you might benefit from seeing one of our highly specialist hand therapists at the Hand & Wrist Service:

  • For treatment and advice related to problems you are having with your hand, wrist or arm during work (Work Related Upper Limb Disorder), sport, playing of a musical instrument or following repetitive activity (RSI/tendonitis)
  • For treatment of a condition that has affected your hand, wrist or arm over a period of time (e.g. arthritis, numbness, tingling or pain)
  • Following an injury to your hand, wrist or arm
  • Following surgery to your hand, wrist or arm
  • Before surgery to discuss post-surgery rehabilitation or for a baseline assessment

If you are unsure whether hand therapy may help your condition please contact us at [email protected]. One of our specialist hand therapists will be pleased to answer your questions and provide guidance about the potential for treatment.

Hand therapy is a specialist discipline of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Physiotherapists traditionally use exercise and mobilisation based rehabilitation to improve movement and strength. Occupational therapists traditionally use activity based rehabilitation to improve function. Our exceptional team at the Hand & Wrist Service contains both disciplines of therapist who have trained uniquely to use both sets of skills during your treatment. You will be able to see one hand therapist to cover all aspects of your rehabilitation, including wound care, saving you time and providing continuity of care.

Our team of hand therapists are members of the British Association of Hand Therapists (BAHT - with web link) and other professional bodies. We are all registered with the HPC, the governmental body responsible for the licensing of allied health professionals.  We have a strong commitment to providing the best care for you, linking your treatment to the functional needs of your hand whether this is general household tasks, specific work activities, hobbies or high level sport/music. 

To book an appointment please call 0800 404 6692. You are welcome to refer yourself for hand therapy however, if you are claiming from a medical insurance policy, you may need to have a medical referral to us (from your GP or a consultant).

Specialists offering Hand & wrist services

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Mr Adel Tavakkolizadeh

Consultant Orthopaedic & Upper Limb Surgeon


The Blackheath Hospital 1 more The Sloane Hospital

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Mr Mohammed Abdus-Samee

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

BSc Hons, MBBS, MRCS(Ed), PGDip, FRCSEd (Tr&Orth)

The Blackheath Hospital 2 more Chelsfield Park Hospital The Sloane Hospital

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Mr Dimitri Yanni

Consultant Orthopaedic & Hand Surgeon

MB,BS London – Guy’s, FRCS (England), FRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS Orthopaedic

The Blackheath Hospital 2 more Chelsfield Park Hospital The Sloane Hospital

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Mr Gordan Grahovac

Consultant Neurosurgeon


The Sloane Hospital 1 more Chelsfield Park Hospital

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Mrs Jenny Geh

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


The Sloane Hospital 1 more The Blackheath Hospital

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Mr Mark Jeffery

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon/Shoulder and Upper Limb Specialist

MBBS(Lond) FRCS (Eng) FRCS (Tr & Orth)

The Blackheath Hospital 2 more Shirley Oaks Hospital The Sloane Hospital

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