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Foot and ankle surgery

Free your feet from pain with private foot and ankle surgery at The Duchy Hospital in Harrogate.

Fed up with foot pain? At The Duchy Hospital in Harrogate, we offer a range of procedures to free your feet and ankles from pain, stiffness and swelling, allowing you to walk with confidence.

Book a consultation with a bones and joint specialist by scheduling an appointment online today or calling our team on 01423567136. Our specialists, also known as Orthopaedic Surgeons, will quickly get to work diagnosing the cause of your symptoms. Next, they’ll work with experts from across our hospital to create a treatment plan that is customised to your personal needs.

First, we’ll try non-invasive treatments to ease your symptoms. Pain in the foot and ankle can often be reduced through physiotherapy, pain medication, steroid injections, or a combination of such methods.

If your pain and stiffness can’t be managed via these less invasive treatments, and your quality of life is being negatively affected, then your Consultant may recommend surgery.

If surgery is advised, your Surgeon will explain what this will involve, including how to prepare for your foot or ankle operation and the possible benefits that you could experience. We want to keep you as involved and informed as possible throughout your treatment journey.

Common foot and ankle procedures we offer include:

Ankle arthroscopy starting from £5,877*

An ankle arthroscopy is a keyhole procedure to diagnose and treat problems affecting the structures inside your ankle. The operation involves making a few small incisions on the front or back of your ankle to allow an arthroscope (a thin tube with a camera) to be passed into the joint. Your Orthopaedic Surgeon will then be able to view the inside of your ankle joint on a video monitor and, if possible, repairs will be performed by inserting specialised surgical instruments into the other incisions in your ankle.

Forefoot surgery starting from £6,090*

Forefoot surgery comprises a variety of procedures, from straightening your toes to correct a deformity, to treating arthritis in your feet. Your Orthopaedic Surgeon might perform forefoot surgery to relieve pain in your feet that could be caused by bunions (bony growths on the side of your feet), a sprained metatarsal (the long bone in your foot), or bursitis, a condition that causes the bursa (a fluid-filled sac that cushions your joints) in your feet to become inflamed.

Toe fusion surgery starting from £2,424*

Toe fusion surgery can treat hallux rigidus (arthritis in your big toe) or severe pain from arthritis in your small toes by fusing together the bones of your affected joint using a metal plate or screws. This prevents the ends of your affected joint’s bones from rubbing together and causing pain. If you are suffering from a toe deformity such as hammer or claw toe where your toes point upwards, your Orthopaedic Surgeon could perform toe fusion surgery to straighten your toes.

*The prices that are listed above reflect self-pay prices where patients at The Duchy Hospital have paid for their treatment themselves. These prices do not include the cost of your initial consultation or any diagnostic tests. Further terms and conditions apply.

At The Duchy Hospital, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide fast and effective treatment for patients in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. Since our establishment in 1959, our team has continuously striven to deliver exceptional standards of care, which is reflected in our latest patient satisfaction ratings.

With close to 100% of our patients likely to recommend our hospital to their friends or family members, you can rest assured of quality care when you choose treatment with us.

Advantages of choosing The Duchy Hospital for your foot or ankle treatment include:

  • Personalised, Consultant-led care at every step of your treatment journey
  • Privacy and comfort throughout your hospital stay, with en-suite rooms and your own TV, telephone and bath or shower
  • A Nurse call system in your room so you have access to help 24 hours a day
  • An extensive menu of warm and delicious meals that are prepared by our staff and can be modified to fit your dietary requirements
  • Access to private physiotherapy sessions (that could be included in your treatment plan) to support your recovery from foot or ankle surgery
  • Ample car parking spaces as well as fast transport links to our hospital from Knaresborough and Harrogate

Across our network of 52 UK hospitals, Circle Health has more than 4,000 specialists ready to offer fast diagnosis of your pain and access to the best treatment for your individual needs. With locations across the country, a simple online booking service and a dedicated call centre if you’d rather speak on the phone, their expert care is more accessible than ever. Get in touch today and we’ll aim to see you within 48 hours.

As a patient at any one of our hospitals, you could also benefit from:

  • Flexible appointment times that allow you to see a specialist outside of working hours or even on a Saturday
  • Affordable price packages that include aftercare as standard, allowing you to focus on your recovery without worrying about hidden costs
  • Diverse payment options where the cost of your care can be paid through your private medical insurance or our various payment plans 
  • If you pay for your own treatment, you can take advantage of our flexible payment plans, with interest-free options available

For more information about our payment plans and how to apply, please head to our payment options page. 

Alternatively, you can phone one of our friendly advisors on 01423567136 to find out more or to arrange your consultation with a specialist today.

Specialists offering Private foot and ankle surgery in Harrogate

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Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

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