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Respiratory medicine

Respiratory problems can be concerning for anyone. Get treatment now

Respiratory problems can be concerning for anyone. Whether you’ve been coughing for a sustained period, or constant breathlessness has stopped you taking part in your favourite activities, you’ll want rapid relief from your symptoms.

If you are experiencing new symptoms and are in need of a diagnosis, or you have had a flare up of an existing condition, our consultants at The Beardwood can give you the best personalised care to get you fighting fit once again, without delay.

Respiratory medicine at The Beardwood deals primarily with conditions related to the respiratory tract. This consists of:

  • Trachea (windpipe)
  • Bronchial tree (which let the air in and out of your lungs)
  • Lungs

Common symptoms of respiratory disease include:

  • Breathlessness
  • Persistent coughing
  • Coughing up sputum (mixture of mucus and saliva) or blood
  • Chest pain
  • Wheezing

Here at The Beardwood, we provide private respiratory care for people living in Blackburn, Lancashire, and further afield. If you have had any of the symptoms listed above, come and see us for an accurate diagnosis and a consultant-led expert treatment plan.

These symptoms can indicate a variety of underlying lung diseases and conditions, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Pneumonia
  • Interstitial lung diseases such as Pulmonary Fibrosis (scar tissue in the lungs)
  • Lung cancer
  • Bronchitis (infection of the main airway from your lungs)
  • Tuberculosis (bacterial infection)
  • Bronchiectasis (Persistent sputum production with recurrent infection)
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

If you have any chest pain, your consultant may wish to work with colleagues from Cardiology in order to rule out any heart issues, and this may involve some cardiac diagnostic tests, such as an ECG (electrocardiogram), which monitors heart rate and looks for any disturbances.

Oncology colleagues may also be brought in to help test for lung cancer. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures an accurate diagnosis from experts in every field.

Whatever the condition, whatever your diagnosis, our consultants at The Beardwood will work as a collective to get you the best solution.

All consultations at The Beardwood focus on diagnosing your condition promptly, and getting you started on the necessary treatment without any further delay.

Your consultant will take a detailed medical history and will ask about the various symptoms you have been experiencing. They will most likely want to know:

  • What symptoms have you been experiencing?
  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Have your symptoms become progressively worse?

They will also perform a physical examination (testing heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature), listen to your chest with a stethoscope while you breathe in and out, and check your basic lung function.

This lung function check is done with a Spirometry test, which measures the total volume of air you can breathe out in one breath. A clip is placed over your nose to help prevent any air escaping, and you’ll be asked to insert a mouthpiece, which is attached to a cable leading to the spirometer machine itself. You will then be asked to breathe in deeply, filling your lungs, before quickly breathing out as hard as you can. You will usually need to do this three times to make sure an accurate result is given.

The test can also determine inflammation in the airways as well as responsiveness, allowing your consultant to make a detailed analysis for asthma patients.

Depending on the findings, further diagnostic investigations can be done such as a chest x-ray or CT scan, as well as collaborations with other specialties like Cardiology. Occasionally, you may be given a skin allergy test or various blood tests to help rule out certain allergies which can cause breathlessness.

Whether you are in the diagnosis stage or receiving treatment, our services are always consultant-led and consultant-delivered, giving you exceptional care from day one, right the way through to your recovery.

With a firm diagnosis, your consultant can then produce a management plan to best treat your condition. This likely involves medication and tablets, and these can be picked up at our dedicated on-site pharmacy, saving you any further trips.

Asthma patients commonly need two types of inhalers – one to prevent symptoms, and one to relieve them when an attack occurs. Your consultant can also offer guidance on how to manage your asthma triggers, which could be anything from pollution and pollen count, to animals, certain medications, and even weather conditions.

Bronchodilators may be used in the treatment of COPD, a drug that helps to open up your airways. Much like asthma sufferers, you may also require an inhaler to help reduce any swelling or inflammation of your airways. These can be arranged quickly and easily, meaning relief from your symptoms is never far away.

  • Assessments ASAP – Certain chest and lung conditions respond best when diagnosed at the earliest opportunity. By seeing patients rapidly, our consultants can get you started on the right course of treatment as soon as possible.
  • Patient Satisfaction – 98.1% of other patients in 2019 said they would happily recommend the Beardwood Hospital to friends and family in an independent report, and we’re confident that you’ll agree. 98.6% also said that the quality of care here at Beardwood Hospital was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. We aim to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, and these results highlight our continued efforts to ensure this is achieved.
  • Personalised care – We believe in a bespoke approach to treatment, tailoring each experience to our patients’ needs and whatever may be best for you.
  • Remote Consultation – All our consultants have remote access to scans, and this has made the world of difference for both patients and consultants alike. If your consultant is working at one of our other sites and needs to see your latest scan, you won’t have to wait for an on-site consultation or clinic, reducing wait times and ensuring you can be contacted for an ad hoc appointment to get advice at any point through your treatment plan.
  • A Multidisciplinary Approach – Our teams at The Beardwood work in tandem with each other to provide you with the best possible care from start to finish. Working closely with Cardiologists, Oncologists, as well as a dedicated team of radiographers, physiotherapists, anaesthetists, and nurses, you have support from medical professionals every step of the way during your treatment.
  • Convenient appointments – With appointments available between 8am and 8pm Monday-Sunday, you are sure to find an appointment slot that suits your needs and availability.
  • Free Parking – We know that parking should be the least of your worries when attending hospital, so to make life easier our car park is free of charge. In order to validate your parking, all you need to do is register your details with us at reception when you arrive.

If you have a pre-existing respiratory condition that needs managing, or you’ve experienced symptoms such as breathlessness, why not get in touch with our reception team today to book a consultation? Our consultants can organise the necessary diagnostic tests to investigate your symptoms, and outline all treatment options for you promptly, arranging any further scans or surgery if required.

For peace of mind and expert care, book an appointment online now.

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