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Podiatric surgery

Expert treatment for foot problems

Podiatric surgery is the investigation and treatment (surgical or non-surgical) of conditions of the foot and any related structures.

From first thing in the morning until last thing at night, we use our feet countless times as we go about our everyday routines and activities. If a foot is damaged through injury or disease, it can quickly have a significant impact on many different aspects of our life. For example, it may:

  • Limit or stop us playing our favourite sport
  • Cause us pain when we walk, even short distances
  • Keep us awake at night
  • Prevent us wearing footwear of our choice

As well as the obvious physical impact, long-term or significant pain and stiffness in a foot can take a heavy toll on our mental and emotional health.

If you’re struggling with a foot problem, it can be reassuring to have rapid access to an expert in foot health for an accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment. Whether you are a professional athlete facing a career-defining foot injury or a non-athlete struggling with worsening pain in your foot, we can help.

Both your feet combined contain an astonishing one quarter of the bones in your whole body, as well as numerous ligaments, tendons and joints. When functioning well, these work together to give exceptional mobility and function. However, such complexity means that any damage can quickly have a big effect on many everyday movements and activities.

If you have any concerns about the health of your foot, a Podiatric Surgeon will always be the best person to see for help. They will be able to assess and diagnose the problem, then tailor treatment to your specific situation and requirements.

Here at The Shirley Oaks Hospital, our Podiatric Surgeons provide treatment for all foot problems, even complex problems, so that you can get back to enjoying the activities you enjoy sooner.

Some of the conditions our Consultant Podiatric Surgeons can help with are

  • Forefoot pain
  • Sports injuries – these can range from a sprain through to a ligament or tendon tear or even a fracture
  • Soft tissue swelling and other painful problems,
  • Toe deformity
  • Bunion (Hallux Valgus) or Hallux Rigidus (osteoarthritis in the big toe)
  • Fluid-filled lump (Ganglion cyst)
  • Plantar fasciitis - a very common problem that causes pain in the heel and bottom of the foot
  • Osteoarthritis in the foot

When you first meet with your Podiatric Surgeon here at Shirley Oaks, they’ll take a clinical history and talk with you about your symptoms. They may ask you questions like:

  • What symptoms do you have?
  • When did you first notice them?
  • Have they been getting worse over time?
  • Do you have any pain in the foot? If so, where is it and can you describe it?
  • Have you tried any treatment already? If so, did they help?
  • Are your symptoms stopping you from doing any of your normal activities?

Everybody’s feet tell a story, and a physical examination of your foot will help your Podiatric Surgeon assess the health, function, strength and flexibility in different areas of your foot.

Additional tests may be needed to help with diagnosis. We have on-site X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound, so these can all be easily and quickly arranged for you when required. On-site Consultant Radiologists (doctors who specialise in interpreting diagnostic images) work closely with your Podiatric Surgeon to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

When a foot has been damaged by injury or disease, it often makes everyday movements such as walking or standing more difficult and painful. If you have more significant damage or advanced disease in the foot, you may need crutches or a walking aid to help you move around safely.

Your Podiatric Surgeon will help ensure you get the treatment you need as soon as possible. This may be surgical or non-surgical (conservative). There are a number of good conservative treatments available that can be very effective in some cases, like physiotherapy, rest and pain relief medication. If these aren’t able to provide you with the symptom relief you need, foot surgery may be required to treat the problem.

There are a range of surgical options for foot problems, from a type of keyhole surgery known as arthroscopy through to “open” surgery, often used to repair a nasty fracture.

From assessment and diagnosis through to treatment and aftercare, every aspect of your care will be discussed with you so that you know what to expect. Your Podiatric Surgeon will explain more about how your specific treatment will be done and what results you should expect to see as a result.

Many of our patients are from Croydon and the surrounding areas in Surrey, although people also travel from further afield to benefit from our expertise.

People choose to come to Shirley Oaks for their foot treatment for a number of reasons. Some will have been referred to us by their GP, physiotherapist, osteopath or other healthcare professional. Others will have been pointed in our direction by a friend or family member who has been helped by us previously.

We treat both private insurance and self-pay patients for all foot conditions.

When you visit with us here at The Shirley Oaks Hospital, you will benefit from:

  • Rapid access to an expert in foot health: If you’re struggling or concerned with a foot problem, you’ll want to see somebody for help as soon as possible. We can book you an appointment with a Podiatric Surgeon quickly, and at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll help get treatment sooner.
  • Bespoke treatment – For foot conditions, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment. The best treatment for you will be one that is tailored just for you, with suitable recovery and follow-up planned.
  • Flexible appointments: We know that life is often very busy. It’s simple to book an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. Consultations are routinely done in person, but we can also provide remote consultations via telephone or video call if required and where clinically appropriate.
  • Multidisciplinary team: Our Podiatric Surgeons are supported by an experienced team, including physiotherapists, nurses and radiologists. This multidisciplinary team helps to ensure you receive any support needed at any stage of your treatment.
  • Peace of mind: In an independent survey, 97.7% of the people we treated said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend us to their friends and family. We really appreciate this feedback and work hard each day to ensure we continue to provide the highest level of care. If you have any questions or concerns at any stage, your Podiatric Surgeon will be happy to talk with you about them.

If you are worried about any type of problem with your foot, we can help.

Good treatments are available for a wide range of symptoms and conditions, both surgical and non-surgical. Your Podiatric Surgeon will thoroughly investigate the cause(s) of your symptoms and then talk you through any suitable treatment options. If surgery is needed, that will be arranged for you at the earliest opportunity.

Whether you live close by in Croydon itself or elsewhere in Surrey, if you have a foot problem you want treated, why not get in touch with us today to book your appointment?