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Rapid assessment and treatment for female pelvic disorders

Gynaecology looks at any problems and concerns related to the female reproductive system.

There are various symptoms that may cause you alarm, especially when the cause isn’t clear, and you’ll want an expert assessment as soon as possible. Fortunately, our consultant gynaecologists at Mount Alvernia can see you without delay, so you won’t be left with uncertainty for long.

You may wish to book an appointment with a gynaecological specialist for any of the following: 

  • Irregular bleeding 
  • Painful/heavy periods 
  • Bleeding after intercourse 
  • Abnormal smear tests 
  • Pelvic floor weakness/urinary incontinence
  • Problems with trying to conceive
  • Had a miscarriage
  • Fibroid or ovarian cysts
  • Looking for early pregnancy reassuring scans.

Our gynaecologists also see women in the early stages of pregnancy for reassurance through various scans, as well as those with high-risk pregnancies, such as a history of previous miscarriages or on-going problems such as fibroids or ovarian cysts. Patients in this position may require advice on how these issues may affect the pregnancy, and our consultants can offer their expertise to provide you with peace of mind.

Health checks are available for women who need reassurance that their pelvic health is fine, or to help catch any issues at an early stage when they can be dealt with accordingly.

If you have any symptoms or concerns, cervical smear tests can be organised at your convenience rather than having to wait to be called, and this can be particularly appealing to women outside the standard age bracket for screening, which is 25-64.

Pregnant women seeing us privately also have the benefit of requesting a Harmony blood test, which can be carried out after 10 weeks of pregnancy, and is a non-invasive prenatal test to analyse parts of your baby’s DNA in your blood, which can indicate the likelihood of chromosomal conditions, and can also confirm your baby's gender.  

If you’re based in Guildford, Surrey, or further afield, and you’ve been concerned about any of your symptoms, why not book a consultation with us today? 

Our gynaecology department at Mount Alvernia features highly experienced consultants, ensuring your symptoms are managed with the most appropriate form of individualised treatment, according to the specific condition diagnosed and your own wishes. 

Some symptoms can be managed with non-invasive measures, such as medication. If you have been experiencing urinary incontinence, our specialist colleagues in our Physiotherapy department can offer pelvic floor exercises to help strengthen your bladder control, and this can be very effective in managing your condition.

Other conditions may require surgical intervention. Mount Alvernia caters extensively to the needs of patients requiring surgery for gynaecological conditions, with procedures available including: 

  • Endometrial ablation – removal of the lining of the uterus, often to treat heavy periods 
  • Excision of polyps - available as a one-stop service 
  • Large Loop Excision of Transformation Zone (LLETZ) – removal of abnormal cells found on the cervix 
  • Endometrial sampling/biopsy – small tissue sample taken from the lining of the uterus 
  • Pelvic floor repair – surgical repair if physiotherapy has been unsuccessful 
  • Ovarian cyst laparoscopy – keyhole surgery to remove cysts found on your ovaries 
  • Oophorectomy - removal of the ovaries, often due to ovarian cancer or endometriosis 

Hysterectomy may be considered for those who have not had success with other treatments for painful and/or heavy periods, fibroids, endometriosis, and some forms of cancer. This major surgery can be performed in three variations, depending on your needs: 

  • Total hysterectomy – where the cervix and uterus are removed 
  • Subtotal hysterectomy – where the cervix is left intact and just the uterus is removed 
  • Radical/extended hysterectomy – where the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and upper part of the vagina are removed 

Whatever procedure you may need, our dedicated nursing team will help guide you in preparation for surgery and during recovery, ensuring you are well supported during your time with us. 

Your first visit to us at Mount Alvernia will begin with your consultant taking a detailed medical history, asking about your symptoms and the problems you’ve been experiencing. They will likely want to know: 

  • What are your symptoms? 
  • How long have you had these symptoms? 
  • Have you had similar issues or other gynaecological problems in the past? 
  • Have you ever been pregnant/given birth? 
  • Are you currently taking any medication? 

You will then undergo a clinical assessment, which usually includes an internal pelvic examination, depending on your symptoms.  

Further diagnostic scans may be required, usually in the form of an ultrasound. The timeframe will depend on the availability of our radiologists, but on occasion this can be done during the same visit. 

A biopsy (small tissue sample) may be arranged, especially for a colposcopy (to obtain a biopsy from the cervix) or a hysteroscopy (to look at the lining of the uterus). These procedures usually take place in theatres and are therefore booked in for a later date.

If you have been experiencing pelvic floor issues, you may be referred to one of our urologists, who work closely with our gynaecology team, for a urodynamics test (which looks at the function of the bladder, measuring urine flow and bladder pressure). Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you will then either be referred to our dedicated physiotherapy team for guidance in specific pelvic floor exercises, or prepared for surgical intervention. 

Once results are back from any diagnostic test or scan, your consultant will meet with you again to discuss your diagnosis and personalised treatment plan.  

By choosing to have your treatment at Mount Alvernia, you’ll be able to take advantage of all these great benefits: 

  • Assessments ASAP – If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of a pelvic disorder, such as abnormal bleeding or irregular periods, you’ll want to be seen by a consultant without any delay. With rapid appointments, our consultants can see you for an expert assessment, getting you an accurate diagnosis and the necessary treatment before your symptoms progress any further. 
  • Patient satisfaction – 98% of patients in 2020 said they would happily recommend Mount Alvernia Hospital to friends and family in an independent report, and we’re confident that you’ll agree. 98% also said that the quality of care here at Mount Alvernia Hospital was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. We aim to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, and these results highlight our continued efforts to ensure this is achieved. 
  • Minimal-access procedures – Certain surgeries can be performed on a day case basis thanks to keyhole techniques, which are minimally-invasive with quick recovery times. This means you can return home on the same day, and get back to doing the things you love sooner, avoiding long rehabilitation periods. Our gynaecologists are experts in minimal-access surgery, with a range of keyhole procedures available, depending on your needs. 
  • Personalised care – We believe in a bespoke approach to treatment, tailoring each experience to our patients’ needs and whatever may be best for you. With private rooms and your own personal clinical nurse specialist, individualised treatment services at Mount Alvernia are offered efficiently to support you through your journey with us. 
  • A multidisciplinary approach – Our teams at Mount Alvernia work in tandem with each other to provide you with the best possible care from start to finish. Working closely with urologists and oncologists, as well as a dedicated team of radiographers, anaesthetists, physiotherapists and nurses, you are ensured support from medical professionals every step of the way during your treatment. 
  • Convenient appointments – With appointments available at dedicated clinics five days a week, you are sure to find an appointment slot that suits your needs and availability.  

For peace of mind and expert care, please contact Mount Alvernia to book an appointment now. 

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Mr Osama Abughazza

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


Mount Alvernia Hospital

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Mr Jay Chatterjee

Consultant Gynaecologist and Gynae-oncology surgeon

MRCOG, DFSRH, PhD(London), FICP, CCT in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Gynae-oncology, 2015

Mount Alvernia Hospital

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Miss Annette Reid

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

BSc, MBBS, MRCOG, PGDip (Adv Gynae Endos)

Mount Alvernia Hospital

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Mr Paul Curtis

Consultant Gynaecologist


Mount Alvernia Hospital

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Dr Karen Elizabeth Morton

Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetricians


Mount Alvernia Hospital

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Miss Sovra Whitcroft

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant


Mount Alvernia Hospital

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