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Spinal surgery

Fast access to tailored spinal treatment.

If your back pain has not been alleviated by treatment options such as medication and physiotherapy, you might require surgery. We have a broad range of surgical treatment options to help you tackle back pain. For example:  

Spinal fusion surgery

Spinal fusion surgery can effectively treat chronic pain in your lumbar (lower) spine by mimicking the natural healing process of broken bones. The procedure involves fusing together two or more of your vertebrae (the bones that form your spinal cord) together using a bone graft. This helps your spine heal as a solid unit, helping reduce pain and restore function to your back. 

Lumbar spinal decompression surgery

Lumbar spinal decompression is performed to treat compressed nerves from a range of spinal issues, including spinal injuries and a slipped disc in your back. There are three common forms of this procedure: 

Laminectomy: when a section of your bone is removed from one of your vertebrae (spinal bones). This helps alleviate pressure on the affected nerve. 

Discectomy: when a section of a damaged disc in your back is removed to alleviate pressure on your nerve(s). 

Spinal fusion: as noted above, this happens when one or more of your vertebrae are fused together to strengthen and stabilise your spine. 

Lumbar laminectomy

This is a form of surgery during which your Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will remove part or all of the vertebral bone in your spine, which helps ease pressure on your spinal cord and nerve roots, reducing pain and improving your mobility. This procedure may be performed along with spinal fusion to help you spine heal as a solid unit. 

Spine injection for pain

These injections are also known as epidural steroid injections. An epidural injection contains a steroid medicine, usually combined with local anaesthetic. Steroid injections help eliminate inflammation around your spinal cord, reducing pain and stiffness in your back in turn. 

*The prices that are shown above are an estimate for self-pay customers. The final cost of your knee treatment will always be confirmed in writing after your consultation. Further terms and conditions apply. 

At Chelsfield Park Hospital, we offer our private orthopaedic procedures to people living in Kent, Bromley and Sevenoaks and further afield.  

With us, you can benefit from: 

  • En-suite hospital rooms with Wi-Fi, TV and direct-dial telephone 
  • Sophisticated onsite diagnostic equipment, including MRI and CT scanning  
  • Stringent checks and processes to ensure your safety at all times 
  • Free, easy-to-access parking around the clock 
  • Catering services to suit your dietary requirements 
  • Expert care from a compassionate team 
  • Exceptional ratings, with 99% of patients likely to recommend us to their friends and family 

There are several benefits of going private with us, including: 

  • Skip the waiting list with fast access to treatment, usually within just 48 hours 
  • Consultant-led care with a Consultant of your choice 
  • The ability to choose the hospital most convenient for you 
  • Consistent care from the same multidisciplinary team of experts throughout 
  • Bespoke treatment plans built around you 
  • Fixed price packages with aftercare included 
  • Flexible payment options to help you spread the cost of your care

Getting started with us is easy. You can call us on 01689 877855 or use our simple online booking system to book your initial consultation with a specialist of your choice

Specialists offering Spinal surgery

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Mr Anthony Ghosh

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon

MBChB, MD(Res), FRCS(Neuro.Surg)

Chelsfield Park Hospital 1 more The London Independent Hospital

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Mr Jonathan Walczak

Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon


Chelsfield Park Hospital 3 more Shirley Oaks Hospital The Sloane Hospital The Blackheath Hospital

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Dr Viji Vijay

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management


The Blackheath Hospital 2 more Chelsfield Park Hospital The Sloane Hospital

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Mr Gordan Grahovac

Consultant Neurosurgeon


The Blackheath Hospital 2 more The Sloane Hospital Chelsfield Park Hospital

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Mr Michael Sharr

Consultant Neurosurgeon


The Blackheath Hospital 2 more Chelsfield Park Hospital The Sloane Hospital

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