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Dr Sarah Moorhouse

Consultant Radiologist


Practices at: The Chaucer Hospital

A photo of Dr Sarah Moorhouse

Personal Profile

I moved to Kent in 1999 and took up a Consultant Radiologist post at Kent and Canterbury hospital. I joined The Chaucer Hospital a few years later in 2003.I have been very privileged to live and work in Kent for all these years and I continue to develop my very rewarding career.

I enjoy general radiology and continue to report cross sectional images like CT scans and MRI scans. I have had a particular sub specialist role in breast imaging and diagnostics for a good number of years.

When I started in Kent the Breast screening unit at Canterbury was a quarter of the size it is now and the breast screening programme was in its early years.
It has grown substantially and in 2010 I took over as the Director of Breast Screening and Imaging modality lead for breast services in East Kent Hospitals NHS University Foundation Trust and I remain in this role in the NHS to date.

I am involved in teaching, training and mentoring trainee radiology registrar doctors and also promoting and developing skills mix in our radiography workforce. I have a very good relationship with all the breast surgeons in East Kent and work with them across both the NHS and Private sector providing imaging and diagnostic biopsy services on our shared breast patients.

In the NHS and at the Chaucer I am involved in the symptomatic breast service for patients referred from GP or breast surgeon with a symptom, and also breast screening in the appropriate age range.

I lead the breast screening multidisciplinary team meeting at Canterbury – meeting weekly to discuss case management with all members of the breast team, including pathologists, surgeons, breast nurses etc. I attend regular conferences and clinical updates for all aspects of my imaging career.

Since 2003 I have provided a specialist breast imaging as well as cross sectional reporting role to the Chaucer Hospital.

I provide Mammogram ,Breast MRI , general CT and MRI scan and general x ray reports and opinions, specialist Breast Ultrasound exams, Ultrasound and Stereo tactic breast biopsies and pre-surgical breast wire guided localisation using both of these techniques. 

GP's and Breast Surgeons refer me breast patients for diagnostic workup including all image interpretation, ultrasound and breast biopsy procedures. I am also involved in the breast imaging for health assessments.

I work within a team of excellent staff  on this site providing an exceptionally high quality service to our patients.

Clinical Interests

Clinical Interests

  • Specialist Breast Imaging
  • Mammogram
  • Breast MRI
  • General CT and MRI scan
  • General x ray reports and  opinions
  • Specialist Breast Ultrasound exams
  • Ultrasound and Stereotactic breast biopsies and pre-surgical breast wire guided localisation using both of these techniques.

Professional Memberships

Professional Memberships

  • General Medical Council
  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • British Society of Breast Radiologists
  • British Medical Association