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Dr Niki Baxter

Consultant Gynaecologist


Practises at: Thornbury Hospital


Personal Profile


Miss Niki Baxter trained in Manchester, and went on to do a research post in Leeds, before moving to Sheffield where she now practices as a Private Consultant Gynaecologist. She has training in gynaecology, sexual & reproductive Health, and genitourinary medicine.

Special Interests

Miss Baxter has a major interest in Outpatient hysteroscopy, without a need for an anaesthetic, used to investigate and treat bleeding problems. She is a Menopause and Contraception specialist, as well as dealing with general gynaecology issues, such as bleeding problems, vulval symptoms, pelvic pain.

Teaching and Training

Miss Baxter has been involved in the training of peers, junior doctors and nurses. She keeps her personal knowledge up to date by regularly attending conferences and participating in seminars, as well as reading published articles.

Clinical Interests

  • General gynaecology
  • Bleeding problems
  • Vulval symptoms
  • Pelvic pain
  • Diagnostic and operative out-patient hysteroscopy
  • Sexual health medicine
  • Contraception