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Respiratory physiotherapy

If you are suffering from respiratory disorders, respiratory physiotherapy may be able to help you. Book online today.

What is respiratory physiotherapy?

Respiratory physiotherapy relates to the assessment and treatment of people with disorders of the respiratory system. This includes conditions affecting the lungs such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis. It can be used at all stages of disease, from early diagnosis through to chronic illness. Physiotherapy is focused on maximising physical function and helping you manage symptoms.

How can you benefit from respiratory physiotherapy?

Respiratory conditions can have a significant impact on exercise tolerance and independence in everyday activities. The treatment and its outcomes will depend on your individual condition and symptoms.

If you are suffering from respiratory disorders, physiotherapy may help you cope better with:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Clearing secretions
  • Feeling tired due to breathlessness
  • Tasks that are difficult to perform
  • Exercising and aiming to get fitter and stronger

How does respiratory physiotherapy work?

  • Assessment
  • Advice on self-management
  • Better understanding of the conditions
  • Hands-on interventions / manual techniques
  • Postural drainage
  • Exercises to aid the expectoration / clearance of secretions
  • Help to improve the efficiency of breathing
  • Therapeutic exercise

The service is provided either individually or in a group format, depending on what’s suitable for the patient.

What types of treatments are performed?

Some examples of techniques that the physiotherapist will use:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Positions to relieve breathlessness
  • Activities and exercise
  • Secretion clearance techniques
  • Relaxation techniques

How much does respiratory physiotherapy treatment cost?

An initial assessment with a physiotherapist at Circle Health costs from £54*.

Why have respiratory physiotherapy treatment at Circle Health?

Extensive experience: all Circle Health respiratory physiotherapists are fully qualified,  with extensive experience in treating  and managing respiratory disorders. 

Locations throughout the UK: with over 50 hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales, patients all over the country can have fast access to private hand therapy treatment near them.

Fast access to treatment: you don't need to wait for a referral from your GP to access our respiratory physiotherapy service, you can arrange your appointment directly with us at your convenience.

*This is a starting from price and varies by hospital