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Isokinetic testing (strength test)

Isokinetic testing can highlight weaknesses specific to muscle groups, so your physiotherapist can tailor your rehabilitation program.

What is isokinetic testing?

Isokinetic testing is a strength test for the muscles around the knee using specific equipment. It’s used to compare the strength of the affected knee against the unaffected leg.

This test is useful if you have a knee injury, are recovering from surgery or suffering from a long-term problem with your knee. Isokinetic testing can help to highlight weaknesses of specific muscle groups, so your physiotherapist can tailor your rehabilitation program.

What are the benefits of having isokinetic testing?

If you’ve had an injury, surgery or are suffering from a long-term problem, you may benefit from an isokinetic test. The test allows for:

  • Safe loading through the joint range
  • Isolated measurement of muscle strength
  • Comparing results between sessions
  • Using data to plan a rehabilitation programme
  • Comparison with the opposite unaffected limb

What muscles can be tested?

Isokinetics looks at muscles that support the knee, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings.

How is the test carried out?

Using a large machine, consisting of a computer and a dynamometer, the joint is tested in an appropriate position with the dynamometer attached to the limb. As you push against the dynamometer it will provide resistance to maintain a set speed. This is recorded by the computer, with the results shown as a graph. The results are used by the physiotherapist to prescribe a tailored treatment programme.

What happens after I’ve had the test?

Your physiotherapist will analyse the results and use them to prescribe a home and/or gym exercise programme. As the results are objective, you’ll be able to retake the test after a time to highlight your improvement. This will help you track your progress and provides continuous motivation.

How much does isokinetic testing cost?

An initial assessment with a physiotherapist at Circle Health costs from £54*.

Why come to Circle Health for isokinetic testing?

  • Self-referral - you don't need to wait for a referral from your GP to have isokinetic testing. You can arrange your appointment directly with us at your convenience.
  • Specifically trained physiotherapists - by choosing Circle Health, you’ll gain fast access to our specifically trained physiotherapists, to help you with your muscle-strengthening rehabilitation plan. Our physiotherapists offer you individual care and will ensure you're doing the right exercises to improve your condition.

We offer isokinetic testing in some of our hospitals throughout the UK. Please call our advisors on 0800 404 6660 or make an online enquiry.

*This is a starting from price and varies by hospital